Now starts the real fun!

Now starts the real fun!

OK, so I've had a bit of a rollercoaster with the diet thing.  I went to my very first Personal Newtrition class on Monday night–woohoo!  I was totally pumped to meet Chrisy (who by the way, is soooo absolutely GREAT) and get this whole ball rolling.  After checking in, Holly weighed me in and took my blood pressure.  I think I about passed out–since last Friday I gained 5 pounds! Yell  What in the H-E-double hockey sticks did I do to gain 5 freakin' pounds?!  Granted I had Skyline on Friday night so I could get one good fast food in before I had to really watch everything, but geesh, 5 pounds?  I figured I'd probably gain a couple more, but not this much!  Certainly a few cheese coneys could not be the cause of this horid thing!


Ahh, once again, the culprit–my quitting smoking (which by the way, I'm still going strong–thank you, thank you).  Well, quitting and my lack of exercise.  Oh yeah, I want to add that it IS best that I am dieting along with my quitting.  Chrisy said that my body is recognizing nutients again, plus the metabolism thing, so doing them hand-in-hand will be better for me.


Alright, back to the class…


So sweet, nice, Holly keeps me from not breaking down and crying right there by reminding me how our weight can fluctuate during the day, and not to worry because as of that moment I'm doing something about it.  After the huge let down in the weigh in, I sat down in the conference room, tucking at my hoodie as if I was poking out of my clothes.  Nice me, reeaaalllyyy nice.  I think I have gained about 12 pounds since I quit smoking, not exactly a comforting thought, but Holly is right, I'm doing something about it.


We learned a lot on Monday.  I received my meal plan and calorie intake–1,400 calories a day–yikes!  Surprised  Of course everyone had a different plan, so don't take my plan for your own!  OK?  Remember, I'm just the patient, not the dietician here folks.  At any rate, we went through the dietary exchange book, which is really awesome.  This thing shows all the exchanges and helpful hints–it has become my new guide.  It is so amazing to see how much we eat that is not in correct portions.  I was reading the nutrional facts on a bag of frozen chicken breasts today…did you know the serving size is 1/2 of one of those breasts, not the whole thing?  I have never ate 1/2 a piece of chicken–unless it's after I ate full piece and was still hungry!  Undecided  Now think of what you eat when you go out–crazy, isn't it?


Well I felt good leaving the class.  I am on the way to a healthier (and thinner) me.  I would have done a cartwheel in the parking lot if I knew I could make it!  That lasted through the next day until I got home work.  I was trying to figure out what I could eat, and then I started freaking out.  I was hungry and for some reason every bit of common sense went out the door.  I was reading my exchange book like a monkey doing a math problem.  ARRGGHH!!!!  I was making the exchanges way harder then they are, but hunger must have turned me into a blubbering idiot.  In frustration I ate leftovers from the night before and went to bed pissed off at myself at 5:00.


I called Chrisy today to ask about the exchanges and some other things (like what to do with the Girl Scout cookies that came in yesterday).  I feel so relieved that I talked to her.  She helped me with my exchange questions, and took the time to go over some nutrtion labels of stuff I was thinking about eating.  She also helped me with my Girl Scout cookie dilema.  Looks like I won't be eating a sleeve of thin mints in one sitting this year!  Tongue out


So now I'm off to the grocery store.  I've made out a couple of meal plans on my own and I'm pretty impressed with myself.  I'm putting up my before picture today for all of my faithful readers to see.  It was taken a few weeks ago, so add a little more than the 10 the camera already puts on.