Old Jeans

Old Jeans

Well folks, I have officially graduated from my “6 Weeks To A New You” program, and I have to say that I am completely stoked about my results!  As a matter of fact, I’m so stoked I have decided to continue with the maintenance program.  I have had such a good time, and I loved the classes, but I really liked keeping my food journals and having the help of professionals.  So alright already, I’ll give you my results!  I lost 14 pounds and 4 inches off of my waist!  WOOHOO!!!  Laughing  *Picture me doing a little dance—I do it every time I say it*  It’s crazy I tell ya, CRAZY!


My goal now is to fit back into the jeans I wore right before I turned 21.  Between the bars and starting an office job, the weight piled on like a gigantic scoop of mashed potatoes, and those jeans are still in my wardrobe (well, in under bed storage).  Yell  I have come to terms with the fact I will not look like I did in high school, but man, I want to get back into those jeans!  I think I can do it too—actually, I know I can do it.  I’ve worked my butt off with this nice weather, and when I am running up the hill at the park, I literally say (yes, say, not think, the words come out of my mouth), “old jeans, old jeans, old jeans…!”  I’m sure if anyone heard me they would think I’m a nut—a red, hot, sweaty one at that, but that’s what pushes me.  Embarassed  When Holly was like, “that’s incredible, you lost 4 inches—how’s your pants fit?” I came clean with my dirty little denim secret.  She said, “Well when you fit into them, you better wear them in here and show us!”  I replied, “If I fit into those jeans again, I will do cartwheels through the door when I come show you!” Tongue out


Ahhh!!!  I feel so good!  I’m proud of myself, and I can say that I have every right to be.  I’m still going strong on not smoking, I have so much energy, and my body feels fantastic!  Of course losing the weight is great too, but to be honest, I feel more proud about turning to a more health lifestyle.  I rewarded myself on Friday and bought a big ticket item.  I purchased my very first I-Pod.  It’s nice too.  Money mouth  I’m infatuated with it right now, just like when a guy gets a new video game (ladies, I know you can all attest to that).  I deserved it.  With all the money I have saved from quitting smoking and cutting the fast food, it didn’t hit the bank too hard.  Oh, and being the female I am, I justified my splurge by saying I needed it for my daily trips to the park to workout.


I find myself thinking how easy this has all been.  Of course it was hard at first, giving up my fast food Fridays, oversized bowls of cereal, and that extra scoop of butter in my veggies, but it is all second nature now.  I even know what to order when I get enough gumption to go to McDonalds (surprisingly enough, it will be the 99 cent hamburger-not the chicken).  You always hear how proper eating and exercise is the most basic way to lose weight, and it really is!  The equation is simple, and it’s not a fad.  It’s the way nature intended it—before the words, “Super Size, Hungry Man-Sized, or Hearty Portions.”


So I have the nice weather, a mind for portion control, and my newly delivered Pilates tape.  Old jeans watch out—you are soon going to be on me doing cartwheels.Wink