Quote of the Day – Podcasts, Home Improvements and a Message from...

Quote of the Day – Podcasts, Home Improvements and a Message from Dino

“Opportunity is a bird that never perches.” ~Claude McDonald


So, as you know Cincy Chic is the coolest online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati (well, that’s what I think, but I’m biased). That means we’re not just a publication, but we’re an online publication, which means we can have fun online features like PODCASTS!!!!


Cincy Chic recently partnered with Screaming Bob to provide you with audio of our lunch ‘n’ learns and cooking series sessions. Click here to view our podcast page. Speaking of our cooking series, our first one went SO well! It was so much fun! Click here to listen to the first cooking session from last Wednesday. E-mail RSVP@cincychic.com if you’d like to RSVP for this Wednesday’s cooking series! This week’s topic will be Italian food!! Oh, and we’re so awesome that we already have a review on how great our cooking series is! cick here to check it out! Hope to see you there!


This weekend was jam-packed… I was up at 6am both Saturday and Sunday (should be illegal on weekends!) busy with working a booth for Cincy Chic at the Arthritis Walk, doing a photoshoot for Cincy Chic, taking the dog to the dog park, celebrating my brother & his wife’s amazingly remodeled house (and her birthday!) and then getting housework done at our house. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about this weekend! So, Pete and I have some major work ahead of us. Everything from stump removal and resurfacing our driveway to sealing and finishing our basement. The first thing we had to do was get rid of the tree stump in our front yard. Apparently, this tree was the biggest tree on the block – which probably explains why it was hit by lightening and starting to rot. The previous owners of the house made the tough decision to cut it down before it fell down. They didn’t however take out the stump. Now we know why. It was freakin’ huge!!! It took the stump remover guy all day to cut it out and shave it down. I thought they’d take a gigantic ice cream scooper machine and get the stump out an take it with them. Apparently, that is not the case. They widdle it down shaving off layer by layer and leave an obnoxiously huge pile of mulch in your yard like this: Photobucket


So, now we need to find someone that needs a lot of mulch…Any takers (please please please!)


We were also working in the back yard running electric down to our fish pond. We put in a very nice waterfall for relaxing trickling water sounds and a filter so we can actually see all the beautiful Koi in there! But while all this was happening, our little Dino was having fun tearing into all the packages and running away with knobs, wiring and tools. Unfortunately, while no one was looking he got into one of the boxes and nabbed one of those silicon packets …you know, the ones that say “DO NOT EAT”? Yeah, well, he ate it. Pete saw him with it in his mouth, chased him around the yard, and when he finally caught him, Dino was just swallowing it. We were worried sick, but Dino was even sicker. All night it was coming out both ends (sorry, TMI!). When we called the vet, they said that as long as his body is rejecting it, he should be fine. So, finally there was nothing else to purge and he wondered upstairs to sleep. I was still really worried. But I woke up this morning, he ate his food like there’s no tomorrow and he was back to normal!! YAY! And back to normal means that he’s tearing around the house with some toy. Today it was his toy that, when squeezed, says “how you doin'” in a strong Italian accent. It’s just funny because it looks like Dino is some Italian gangster running around the house asking “how you doin’? how you doin’?” See for yourself!