September Issues Photo Shoot

September Issues Photo Shoot

Take a gander at all the great photos here on Cincy Chic. They're all local models!


We have one big photo shoot a month where we bring together 15-20 women  and take pictures for our upcoming month's issues.Neysa Ruhl – – is our photographer and she always makes it a lot of fun. I swear she's a photography prodigy. Everyone is always so shocked when we can get the perfect picture in just a few takes. 


On a side note here, if you'd like to participate in our next model shoot, send me an email at No, you don't have to be a professional model, and no you don't have to be a particular size, age, body type, etc. Just come as you are. If you're a local lady, we want you!


So, this past Sunday we went to the AMAZING Gateway Quarter in Over-the-Rhine (OTR). We shot mostly in unit 7, an incredible loft. I felt like we were walking around in a West Elm catalog!


These places were just fantastic. I couldn't help but look out the window and realize how much OTR has changed over the years. I've heard rumors about OTR being revitalized ever since the riots, but it wasn't until I was looking out the window — at the beautiful view of downtown, great stores (like Metronation across the street from the lofts) that are popping up, and couples causually walking down the street — that I realized this revitalization really IS happening!


Later, I got talking with a few downtown advocates at the shoot and they said many more stores will soon be moving into this area — famed chef and restaurant entrepreneur, Jean Robert will be putting in a new restuaruant right down the street from these lofts. Lord knows everything that man touches turns to gold, so be on alert real estate gurus! I think this is finally going to be the heart of downtown living, dining and shopping. What do you think? Share your thoughts by clicking on the comment link below. (You have to be registered for the Cincy Chic site, but it's free to sign up!)