The calorie guy

The calorie guy

Well, unfortunately the weather caused my class to get cancelled on Saturday, but it has been rescheduled for Monday night.  So I'm sorry to say, there is no news yet on what new task lies before me.  I can't wait to get a start on this!  I stepped on the scale today and about cried.  Since I started everything back at the beginning of the month, I have gained around, ehh, 7 or 8 pounds.  I expected it–I think its a given when someone quits an addiction.  Trust me, its not that I'm comfortable with it by any means (come on, is anyone comfortable with it when their belt has to be let loose a notch?).  I guess it's that I knew it would happen, but at the same time, I know I'm in the works for doing something about it.  I am happy to say though that I am on day #10 with no cigarettes–yeah for me! Laughing


Tonight it dawned on me exactly what I'm doing.  I mean, I know somewhat of the game plan, bit I just finished watching a show on TLC and it really hit me….


The show was about compulsive eaters, how it is an addiction and eating disorder.  They had four people featured and doctors and experts discussed their individual calorie intake and what their bodies were doing.  They did something very interesting, which made me start to wonder about myself.  They took everything they eat on a daily basis and put it out on a table for them to see.  It was crazy!  There was one man who consumes over 36,000 calories in A DAY!  Yes, 36,000–what an average man consumes in two weeks!


The odd thing is each person didn't realize what they were doing to themselves until they seen the table spread of what they were eating.  One woman said that it made her salivate and feel sick at the same time.  How can we as humans get to this point?  Yes, a bowl of creamy chicken alfredo with a slice of rich, smooth cheesecake for dessert can make one feel that exact way, but how do we get to the point of disaster?


Each person who is overweight has their own turn-ons and weak points.  For me, it's my cravings for Friday night fast food and chocolate.  I love my steak and pasta.  I have to have my half a pot of coffee and vanilla creamer–the real creamer.


I have a feeling I don't have to completely say goodbye to my loves, but there is going to be some serious calorie counting from here on out.