What’s Up Cincinnati

What’s Up Cincinnati

Hello everyone!

If you didn’t have a new year’s resolution, I’ve got one for you – to go out and get involved in the community by supporting local art and music! If you went to any of the performances that were part of the Fine Arts Sampler last weekend, you’ll know how broad, diverse, and wonderful Cincinnati’s arts scene is … and, like during the sampler, it’s often completely free to check out!


In this blog, What’s Up Cincinnati, I am going to share with you some of the great shows, exhibits, and other fun and interesting events happening around town.


For the first issue, I’ll begin with the weekly Culture Spotlight, which will predominantly center around work created by talented women.


This will be followed by Get Involved – a list of worthwhile things to do in the Greater Cincinnati area. This week I’ve included 10 Meetup Groups that allow you to go out and get involved in the community – it’s free to join and there’s no obligation to attend meetings, so if one (or more) of them piques your interest, I encourage you to sign up!


Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you at an art gallery/on the dance floor/in the theatre/at a concert!

P.S. Comments, questions and artist/musician press info should be directed to lwu@cincychic.com


Culture Spotlight:

Before it closes on Friday, Feb. 15th, check out the exhibit, “A Woman’s View II” at the Carnegie Center in Covington – it’s not to be missed! This series of exhibitions features the work of six women artists:


Ruth Wartman, paintings and

Sayaka Ganz, sculptures (Ohio National Financial Gallery)

Gabrielle Mayer, paintings (Duveneck Gallery)

Eileen McConkey, paintings (Rieveschl Gallery)

Trina Feldhake, ceramics (Huston Gallery)

Casey Millard, drawings, paintings, sculptures (Connector Gallery)

Get Involved!


Cincinnati Arts Collaborative : For all those involved with the arts, of any discipline – we attend all types of performances and art exhibits, social gatherings to meet other artists, and form a network supportive to all types of artists, whether musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, videographers, makeup artists, fashion designers, etc.

Cincinnati Latino Meetup : A gathering place for Latinos in Greater Cincinnati, as well as those who would like to be involved in the Latino community – we will meet for networking, attend cultural events, and offer support to Latinos in the area.

Cincinnati Live Salsa Meetup : For those that love live Salsa music and dance – we go out to hear/dance to live Salsa music.

Cincinnati Non-profit Meetup Group: For those dedicated to service, whether members of charitable organizations or just individuals who like to volunteer – we do community service projects, organize fund-raisers, and support one another’s organizations.

Cincinnati Tea Meetup: For those that love tea – we meet for tea and attend tea-tastings.

Cross-Cultural Meetup of Greater Cincinnati
: For those interested in diversity issues and in meeting people from other cultures – we attend various events, such as music concerts, One-World Wednesdays, international social mixers, lectures … and more!

Live Music Meetup: For those who like to support live (especially local) music – we go out and hear great music!

Jazz Meetup
: For those that love jazz, whether musicians or patrons – we go out to hear live Jazz!

Professional Women’s Network of Greater Cincinnati : For professional women looking to network with other professional women – we meet for both social and business networking, as well as support one another’s businesses.

World Music Meetup: For fans of international music – we go out to live concerts!