Chic Mom: Secrets to Summertime Success

Chic Mom: Secrets to Summertime Success

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As a mom of an energetic 2 ½ year old, I quickly learned to be incredibly prepared before I left the house. After that first summer with my daughter Holly, she turned into “Mobile Holly” and I realized I needed to be prepared for anything that would come our way.



So, I bought a small laundry basket, put it in the back of my car and filled it full of something I like to call, “mommy necessities.” It includes a first aid kit full of band-aids, disinfectant spray and wipes. You never know when a “boo-boo” will happen. So, if you are at the mall or the zoo, your mommy necessities are conveniently close by in the back of your car. A simple fix, a kiss to the boo-boo and back to your day. WHEW!


Sunscreen is also a must and so important to have handy now that the weather is getting warmer. I even carry this in my purse. Did I mention that was so important? A child’s skin is more susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, if you’ve ever experienced how cranky a kid gets when they’re sunburnt, you’ll never want that sunscreen to leave your side again.


Picnic blankets and towels are great things to put in the back of the vehicle as well. You never know when you will find that perfect spot under a tree at the park. Summer is a great time for picnics, so treat your little ones to some outside fun. Surprise lunches make them feel extra special.


Also, do yourself a favor and bring an extra pair of clothes and possibly a bathing suit. When you are out with the kids, their clothes will inevitably become magnets to water, mud, sand, ice cream and anything else dirty and sticky. Being prepared with extras, you won’t have to worry and you can enjoy the day. The kids can have the time of their lives and if they get too messy, so what? You can put them in fresh clothes before everyone gets into the car. No fuss and less mess!


Now, here is a mom secret; the last bits of items I like to have in the basket are snack foods and beverages of some sort. Keeping the kids hydrated and snacks for the ride home makes everyone happy. Being prepared and having these things in the car with you on day trips this summer can not only be a lifesaver but also be a money saver! Fast food stops can really add up!


But remember, when thinking snacks, you have to find things that will obviously not melt in heat. I find that pretzels and Goldfish can be your safe bets and pretty much every child I know loves them. I am also a big fan of peanut butter sandwiches. Beverages are dealer’s choice. I find that old fashion water, juice boxes, premade Kool-Aid in a plastic container or Gatorade will always be in the back of our car.


Being prepared this summer is the key to many wonderful days out with your little ones and keeping you stress free as a Chic Mommy. Safe travels!