Chic Mom: Back-to-School on a Budget

Chic Mom: Back-to-School on a Budget

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I am always looking for ways to save money. Because I am a stay-at-home mom, I feel like it comes with the territory. I recently heard from a friend about Plato’s Closet. She got some gently-used toys from there for about half of what they would have been regularly. We have been trying to find Holly a tricycle. She has aways been a bit short, so this is not always so easy when trying to find things that require a specific height.


boutique280_instory2.gif So, I thought I would give Plato’s Closet a try. They had a great selection of toys from newborn on up. I had always just assumed they had a huge selection of clothes, which they do, but they also have an amazing selection of handmade little girls’ bows, headbands and hats. When I went into the store, I felt like it had little gems all over. As we start back to school, I wanted to share this find with you as a money-saving tip.


The next tip that my mother and I started when Holly was born was buying the sale rack at the end of the season. I love to buy for the next year. Jeans or winter coats are always great buys. Last year, I found an L.L. Bean winter coat that was originally $125 on sale for $35.


Whether the savings are big or small, they really add up to keep your bank account strong. So, as we start another school year, think about the end-of-summer sales, and don’t forget to check out Plato’s Closet for that unexpected clothing or toy find.