Chic Mom: Little English

Chic Mom: Little English

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Ever been shopping for your little one and not found that perfect outfit you have in mind? You waste hours going from store to store, even if you’re just looking for something simple and classically cute!

Well, ladies, I have a Web site for you: I adore this site, not just for my little Holly, but for the gift at a baby shower that will stand out.

The smocked southern style is not something you’ll find just anywhere. It’s truly a fabulous find. As Shannon Cowles Latham-owner says, "From special occasions to everyday wear, Little English truly has it all."

I love how most of the items can be worn as separates, or together. Everyone knows as a mom, and especially as a mom of a girl, we want pieces that can go with other things. I mean, after all, we are creating little fashion divas!

 Holly has the Caroline Top and pant set. I love this set because it is so classic as an outfit together or the shirt can be worn with jeans. The blue corduroy pants can be worn with a black shirt boutique280_instory2.gifand a jean jacket for a colder fall day. Three outfits out of one, you can’t beat that! Well worth the price.
One of my other favorites is the Lola dress. I love all the different colors it comes in, and again, it is just a classic dress for a little girls. You can also throw a pair of leggings to make it more casual or add warmth.
Another favorite thing about this Web site is that you are able to coordinate brother-sister outfits for special events or photos. When I look at buying clothes for Holly, I always want clothes that are sturdy and can last more then one child. Believe me when I say that all the clothes have that sturdy quality that might even last you to baby three and four.

So, next time you are looking for an outfit or two for the little one, please take a look at Little English, I promise you won’t be disappointed!