Mom Maven: Local Goodness

Mom Maven: Local Goodness

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Park + Vine Lunch + Brunch Counter

Every summer, my kids are allowed to completely go nuts. They stay up late and eat way too many sweets. Then, as soon as August comes around, and the school year gets ready to start, I get my senses back. Bedtime is 8:30 and organic is all that’s on the table. Is this lack of consistency the right way to parent? I’m guessing no, but I will certainly never win a gold medal in parenting. At best, I’m that poor soul that just misses the podium and comes in fourth.


August has arrived and fall is just around the corner. The normal bedtime routine is back in place and healthy food once again rules our menu. There are several spots in Cincinnati that make eating organic and using green products an easy task. My favorite little spot is Park + Vine downtown. Moms, this place has just about everything you can need for green living and if they don’t they can tell you where to go to get what you’re looking for. Their food counter offers delicious sandwiches, salads and mac and cheese. The Park + Vine website is loaded with information on green living. There is a page on their site dedicated to providing information on other locally owned places to shop. As an added bonus, everyone that works there is unbelievably nice. It’s just a great spot to shop and eat.



Another Cincinnati offering we take advantage of during the school year is Green Bean Delivery. Every week this wonderful green box gets delivered to our doorstep. It’s full of locally grown vegetables and organic goodies. You can select from different size bins and customize what you would like to have delivered. Green Bean Delivery also has an online store where you can add-on additional items like fish, meats, sweets, jellies, granola, yogurt, and more. All of their items are organic and delivered right to your home. My kids love waiting for the green box to arrive and seeing what’s inside. It gets them excited about fruits and vegetables. It can also be like the mystery box challenge on Chopped. Using our Green Bean Delivery veggies can require us to be a little more creative in the kitchen.


Lollibean’s in Mariemont opened last year and has a store full of green products for babies and small children.


Shopping local and shopping green is something my family needs to do all year long, including during the summer. The kids will probably still eat too much ice cream and stay up way past their bedtime but maybe we can do all that after a healthy, locally grown, meal.