Mom Maven: Lovely Lolli’s

Mom Maven: Lovely Lolli’s

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The moment I walked into Lolli’s in Mariemont I knew I would be spending a lot of time there. It has the perfect blend of traditional with a splash of hip. I found luxurious body lotion, a fantastic necklace, adorable stuffed animals for my daughters and the best smelling candle for my mom’s birthday. There is absolutely something for everyone at this boutique.


Lolli’s owner, Leah Osgood, has done an amazing job of creating an inviting space to shop. The boutique is filled with antique display cases covered in beautiful eye candy. From the Ronda Smith Designs jewelry to the Waverly and Irving candles, each piece is handpicked by Leah and perfectly placed throughout the store. The store is warm and cozy with gift items galore, home décor pieces, baby items, cool clothing and more. One of the interesting pieces you can get at Lolli’s is a Custom Belt Buckle. Each purchase of a buckle helps support a different charity. There are currently buckles for the upcoming Warrior Run and The Shelter Campaign for Collin. Every penny of the proceeds goes to the charity. It’s always a good thing to know you are spending money to look fab and helping out a good cause.


Leah has spent the majority of her life working in retail and says she always dreamed of opening a boutique. After careful planning and using her years of experience she finally took the leap February 14 of this year. Thank goodness she did or I may never have discovered the Elisabethan line. The clothes are every shade of pretty and made completely out of recycled t-shirts.


Lolli’s is a unique shopping experience. You will find the item that will be perfect in that “spot” in your home, a new accessory to amp up an outfit or a darling baby gift. I believe Leah describes her shop’s philosophy perfectly:


“Lolli is someone I inspire to be…someone who has classic style with just a bit of an edge. A woman who takes comfort in the traditional, but is not afraid to twist it into something that is uniquely her own.”


You can visit Lolli’s at 6936 Madisonville Road in beautiful, historical Mariemont . You can also Pin away on the website,