Mom Maven: Mary Poppins, Where Are You?

Mom Maven: Mary Poppins, Where Are You?

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Over the last month, I have been asked no fewer than five times if I know of a good nanny or babysitter that has availability. I know of one good (GREAT) nanny and she is mine. No one can have her. I guard her like a precious jewel. I’m starting to sound like that creepy troll from The Lord of the Rings. Anyway, I thought I would put together a list of some reputable sites and businesses in Cincinnati that provide placement for nannies. is an online placement service. You select your location and after paying an $80.00 fee you can look at the full descriptions of nannies seeking employment in the area. You are able to review background checks and interview the candidate with your paid subscription. The caregivers that appear on the site are tested with the INA Nanny Basic Skills Exam. I never knew such an exam existed but sounds good.



Nanny Placement Service, Inc. focuses on Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana placement. There is a $100 fee due at the time of registration. It enrolls you with the service for one year. The company does a background check, including the driving record of each caregiver. Nanny Placement Service is located on the West side of Cincinnati and is listed with the BBB along with the INA.


Child Care Professionals is located in Cincinnati and places in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Their website states that they are the largest placement agency in the area. There is a $100 fee at time of registration. This fee is for one year and includes the One Time/Temporary placement service. The website gives a breakdown on how a nanny is paid and salary requirements. The site also provides information and forms for tax purposes.


There are other sites that are similar to the ones mentioned above, including and There are plenty of women (and a few men) out there looking for placement in a nanny or babysitter position. Of course, the hard part is finding one the fits your scheduling needs and that you feel clicks with your family.


Make sure when using one of these services to check their rating with the BBB, INA and the APNA. Also, remember that nannies don’t undergo any special licensing. It is important to:
o Ask questions. Ask the candidate open-ended questions about previous employment, likes and dislikes, challenges she/he has faced as a nanny.
o Call the people named as references.
o Do a criminal background check along with a check of the applicant’s driving record.
o Have your child meet the nanny and see how they interact with each other.
o Have the candidate complete a written application. Look for any gaps in employment or missing information.
o If you like the candidate, have her come for a second interview. If that goes well, set up a trial run day with your family.
o Once you are ready to hire a candidate, put everything in writing. Include a job description with specific expectations, salary, and scheduling.


Most important thing to remember is to trust your instincts. If the candidate looks great on paper and says everything exactly right but something inside says “no,” go with that feeling. Momma knows best.