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What makes Lynn McInturf Associates different from other sales training companies? Fundamentally, it is our belief that the skills required for building customer relationships and managing the sale force cannot be taught in a seminar. Most people would agree. In fact, psychologists say that people forget most of what they learn at a seminar within 48 hours! People feel good during and immediately after they attend a conventional sales motivational seminar, and for a while, they remember a couple of one-liners from the seminar leader, but their own behavior will not change significantly.

There is a world of difference between the so-called "quick-fix" training and strategic selling reinforcement that is provided by Lynn McInturf Associates. Effective sales training takes place with repetition and coaching. Effective training demands reinforcement. Reinforcement training takes time – certainly more than one or two days! And it requires committed sales coaching to help people make significant changes in their lives.

Lynn McInturf Associates’ ideas, methods and processes remain on the cutting edge of selling – where we are committed to keeping them. We demand excellence in management and sales training and we invest in using state of the art delivery systems and sales training material. Following the Sandler selling system, our programs are customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. And, we continue to back our sales training with the constant support necessary to make a lasting difference.


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Here are just a few of our testimonials

"At Lynn McInturf Associates, our greatest joy is hearing about the successes that our clients have experienced as a result of our sales consulting and performance programs. If you’re wondering whether LMA can help improve your top-line and increase sales, take a look at some of the sales results that our clients have shared with us."

"Lynn McInturf Associates has challenged our Sales and Management Team to improve our selling systems. Despite a downturn in our industry; we have managed to increase sales since aligning ourselves with Lynn’s organization. The ongoing training and resources LMA has provided us will continue to aid us in gaining market share not only this year but many years to come."

Hugh S. Hillix
VP of Sales
Mueller Roofing Dist. Inc.


"Since starting to work with Lynn McInturf & Associates, our sales efforts are much more streamlined and accountable. Our sales team is better equipped to qualify prospects, make contact, and decide whether the prospect is a match for our company and worth pursuing further."

Brian J. McHale
Empower MediaMarketing


"As an independent financial advisor with a passion for my business, I knew the missing piece was a better sales process and attitude, My work with Lynn McInturf Associates and the Sandler Sales System has provided just that.

More importantly, Karen Singer has become one of my business’s most valuable resources, as she provides me with constant input and ideas on the selling process, as well as serving as trusted advisor."

Thomas J. Walsh, CFA
Walsh Asset Management, LLC

Lynn Mcinturf Associates
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