Four Tips To Kick Off The Football Season In Style

Four Tips To Kick Off The Football Season In Style

Football season is almost here! That means your home might be hosting a game party or two (or 10), so our design experts offer four helpful tips to get you ready.


Ready or not, football season is coming! Soon you’ll be kicking up your feet and asking friends to, “please pass the nachos.”

Before you invite friends and family over to watch the Bengals season opener, is your house ready?

Inviting guests to watch the big game means you need plenty of comfortable seating and snacks. After all, what great football party is complete without finger foods?

Use these tips to kick off the upcoming football season with style.

Have An Unobstructed View of the TV

This is key. The game on TV is the reason friends and family gather to cheer on their teams and yell at the refs. If your TV is too low, the view could be hidden when someone walks in front to refill their nachos. Not cool.

Consider raising your TV for football season or mounting your flat screen on a wall. Everyone will be able to see and important plays won’t be missed.

You also don’t want the TV set too high—this can cause discomfort when viewing and also create distortions in the screen image.

To ensure the proper height use this simple measurement: the view should be slightly above eye level from the viewing location. So if most people are viewing the game from the couch or recliners, the TV should be mounted about 42” above the ground or slightly above.

As for how far to sit from the TV—the best views, measure the screen size (diagonally) and set your couches back about 1.5 and 2.5 times the size of the screen. That means, ff you have a 60” TV, you should watch Andy Dalton’s TD throws from about 7 to 12 feet away.

Comfortable Furniture Is A Necessity

When people hang out to watch the game, you want them to relax and be as comfortable as possible (unless they’re cheering for the opposing team. In which case, every man or woman for themselves!).

Now may be the perfect time to upgrade your living room furniture to offer comfortable seating just in time for football season.

If you want to really get into games, you could have something more like a private suite. You could hire a room renovation contractor to create a replica owner’s suite from Paul Brown Stadium!

Plan Your Football Snacks

There’s nothing like good ‘ol American football food.

Don’t forget to plan easy (or extravagant) football foods in advance so you have a range of both tempting and healthy snacks to feed a crowd.

Include lots of protein and cheeses because what football party is complete without cheese dip?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the Skyline Chili—here’s a great replica recipe to serve at halftime.

Offer Plenty of Seating

Your living room should have enough seating for your guests so no one is left sitting on the floor.

Add a new Stressless recliner or Stressless sofa to offer comfortable, ergonomic seating for your guests.

The only problem is, they may never leave.

With some advanced planning and quick thinking, you and your home will be ready to host all sorts of Cincy football parties this season.

If you are interested in the Ekornes furniture options we mentioned above, please visit our online showroom and choose from comfortable Stressless recliners and sofas.

Watching football has never been so comfortable!

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