Editor in Chic: From Mom to Friend

Editor in Chic: From Mom to Friend

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I was a typical teenager: I knew everything and my parents were clueless. Only later would I learn it was quite the opposite.


I didn’t want to be seen or associated with them. I would defy them for the sake of defiance and argue for the sake of argument. This caused a lot of friction in the family unfortunately. But at this point, I’m just going to go ahead and blame it on my raging teenage hormones.


Things got better after I moved away to college. I became more thankful for the things they provided for me. (Funny how you gain gratitude for 18 years of free food and shelter when you have to start paying for it yourself!)


After college, I got a job in Philadelphia, but I came back often to see friends, family and my now-husband who all lived here in Cincinnati. I would call my mom on those long overnight drives from Philly to Cincinnati. We’d talk all throughout the night — partially because she wanted to keep me awake and partially because we really enjoyed each other’s company. So, there I was, having several hour-long conversations with the woman who I avoided in public and picked fights with at home.


My mom recently had some health issues, and I thought we were going to lose her to be quite honest. At her bedside, at one of her sickest states, I remember praying that she would be OK. She had so much life to still live, and it crushed me to think she might not see me get married, hold her grand babies or share in this friendship that was just budding between us.


I’m happy to report that she is fully recovered and I have my mom — and friend — back. She doesn’t live in town anymore, so we don’t get to see much of each other. But she’s the first person I call when something exciting happens, if I’m sad about something, or if I just need a good conversation on a long drive — because that’s what friends do.


I’d love to hear your mother-turned-friend stories, too. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below. And share them with your mom. Ahem, I mean "friend"!