Editor in Chic: Adventure Unplugged

Editor in Chic: Adventure Unplugged

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With today’s modern technology, it’s so easy to live life behind a TV or computer screen. I find myself getting wrapped up in an "America’s Next Top Model" marathon, chatting on Facebook and sending e-mails, and then I end up wondering what I did with my entire weekend.


Growing up, my parents refused to get cable and Internet. Mainly because they were cheap and we lived out in the boonies. But still, my parents believed in adventure.


My dad built me a tree house. Being the science teacher he was, he rigged up a pulley system so that my parents could put my lunch in the basket and I could reel it up. I’d stay up there the entire day hanging out with me, myself and I. Oh, and my imaginary friend Samadella (she’s a whole other story).


Me, myself and I — and Samadella — would play in the tree house, swing from the tree swing, dig in the sandbox, swim in the creek, build dams in the streams and pick wildflowers in the woods. My parents encouraged that and praised me for my adventures, dams and bouquets — even if what I picked were more weeds than wildflowers.


My parents were always taking me on road trips, too. Reading through this week’s stories, I relived a lot of my childhood as I visited Serpent Mound that this week’s Spotlight story mentioned and took a weekend retreat to Brown County Indiana that this week’s Career story highlights.


Another one of my childhood favorite weekend retreats was French Lick Resort in French Lick, Ind. Get the sulfur water bath if you go. It’s stinky but effective!


It wasn’t until I read this week’s stories that I realized how different my life is now from when I grew up. Now, unfortunately, I’m attached to my computer, addicted to my Blackberry and sucked into my TV. This week’s stories have inspired me to unplug and get some real adventure back in my life.


I’m making a promise to myself to unplug and experience life like I was raised to do. Life is meant to be discovered, unearthed and explored. Not fed to you on an LCD screen in 30 minutes with three commercial breaks.


So, here’s to Adventure: Unplugged! Maybe I should call Samadella and see if she’d like to come along for the ride! Ha!