Editor’s Note: My Glam Makeover

Editor’s Note: My Glam Makeover

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I started growing out my hair this summer because I wanted a new ‘do. It’s not that I didn’t like my old haircut, it’s just that I had been getting the same thing done for several years and I just needed a change. While I didn’t exactly know what cut I wanted, I did know it needed to be different.

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was talking with Vivian Moore, managing vice president of Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. She asked if I was growing it out and what I planned to do with it. When I explained I didn’t have any particular plans, her eyes began to twinkle.

It’s as if someone turned on a faucet in her brain and ideas came pouring out. She asked if I would let her “play” with my next cut and color. Of course, I agreed, and we decided to go big with a glam girl makeover, complete with a fancy dress and photo shoot. Watch the embedded video below to see the transformation and photos from the shoot. 

But there was a lot that went into getting to that “after” shot. So, I asked Vivian to explain what she did and what she used to get the look. Here’s what she said:

When designing Amy Scalia’s new look for her “Glam Makeover,” it was important it fit her lifestyle. Because she’s in the public eye, I felt it was also important it remained somewhat consistent with the look she’s already well-known for, in addition to meeting her request for a “new-do.” She had been growing her haircut and color out for about six months, so I had a great starting place. Amy’s hair was past her shoulders with very little layering or interior shaping and her natural medium blonde hair with very pale highlights had approximately three inches of new growth. Blown out straight either worn down or pulled back in a ponytail have been the styling options she’s chosen from for quite a while. Before meeting on the big day, I asked her to send me pictures of haircuts and colors she liked, even if they just showed certain elements so I get an idea of what she would be open to and liked. She created a Pinterest board of the looks she liked. Fortunately, everything she posted, I liked too. We had a thorough discussion of each picture and what she liked about it. I agreed with her opinions, and also explained what I thought wasn’t a great idea (i.e., brunette) and came up with a plan for her makeover.

Haircut: Because I wanted to give her more styling options, including being able to pull it back and/or up, I kept the length long enough to do this. I updated the shape by bringing it up to about shoulder length over a defined under cut section in the nape (bottom back of head), which I tapered in fairly short. This would give a fresher swing to her hair when worn down, but disappear under a ponytail on the days she wanted to wear it pulled back. I added a lot of vertical layering done with both a razor and scissors to take advantage of the natural wave and curl she had no idea was even there!

Color: Far more women are wearing light pale blonde hair than should be in my opinion. However, Amy is one of the women who looks great as a blonde. I suggested she give red some thought for the future if ever she got bored with the blonde since she could also wear it beautifully. But, for now, I wanted to keep her blonde. To make it more interesting and updated, I used a technique called “Ribboning.” We created this technique many years ago, before the idea of using more than one color to highlight with was popular. By using three colors, one the same level as her natural color in a red tone, one color two shades darker than natural color in a brunette tone and one color at least three shades lighter than her natural color (pale blonde), applied in a pattern mixing slices and weaves that compliment the haircut, I was able to keep her blonde, but better, healthier, fuller, shiny and sexier blonde. Plus, I loved the idea of “Ribboning” Amy for the holidays – it just seemed appropriate!

Styling: Options were a priority when deciding everything for Amy’s new look. They needed to be easy and fast to be practical. So, I taught her how to do a quick twisted pin-curl set by taking large sections, twirling them around her finger before curling them around her finger and pinning to dry. Only a few rules to remember to give lots of different finished styles. 1.) The larger the sections, the looser the curl. 2.) The tighter the twisting, the bigger the hair. 3.) The more moisture in the hair before starting, the more curl and wave in the finished style. After removing pins, all she needed to do was use her fingers to loosen the curls while spritzing in Oribe Dry Texture Spray and the scalp and a little Sebastian Trilliant Spray on the surface for shine.

Finished Look: A slightly retro inspired wave with a definite glamorous twist perfect for upcoming holiday parties that she can recreate herself in minutes.

Make-up direction: I asked for the focus to be on lashes and lips, sans glitter. A little Marilyn Monroe, a little Scarlet Johansson, with a perfect red lip and false lashes to the max.

Watch the webcast below to see the transformation from “before” to “after” as well as video and photos to learn Vivian’s tips and tricks for this look!