Education: Easing Kids Back into School Mode

Education: Easing Kids Back into School Mode

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Every school year, we anticipate the fall energy that prevails around us. There is an excitement yet emptiness that embraces our persona when school begins. Our little people going to school for the first time are preparing for a new journey. New teachers, new friends, and new expectations all challenge our sense and children’s of security. We have to allow our children to step forward and enter a world without us by their side. This step can be taken with vigor and aptitude or with fear and shyness.



It is our duty as parents to give our children the strength and confidence to handle these new challenges. Children can sense if mother has concerns or is apprehensive. Therefore, we must keep a veneer of calmness and lightheartedness when preparing our little people for school.


The following points will allow children to settle in slowly and make the transition from summer to a fall mode:
*Share positive attributes of starting a new school year with your children.
*Don’t fill their ears with your dislikes or fears you had when you were young.
*Visit your child’s school prior to opening day. Tour the classroom and arrange an informal meeting with your child’s teacher.
*Send a note to your child’s teacher expressing any concerns you may have about your child adapting to the class.
*Plan a shopping day with your child to purchase supplies and clothes.
*Call other families who have children in your child’s class and arrange for a play date.
*Start going to bed earlier each night a week or two prior to school starting in order to establish a “school” bed time routine.
*Visit the library and read books to your child about going back to school.


Planning for school can be a happy and rewarding experience. It all depends on how we, as parents, approach it. Remember, children are our little mirrors in life. If we seem worried or apprehensive, their little faces will reflect the same concerned facial expressions. It is up to us to decide how our young child will embrace school this year!