Fashion Resolutions

Fashion Resolutions

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If T-shirts and pleated pants were in style, Michelle Bradley would be all the rage in the fashion world.


That seems to be the only thing in her closet right now. She’s a police officer by day, and a jeans and T-shirt gal by night. “Even though I’m 30, I still dress more like a college student all the time,” she admits. “I would love to look and feel more like a woman.” And because she wants to have more of a social life, she also wants to learn how to get glammed up to paint the town red.


Ivy Pitzer, owner of Plum Diore fashion boutique in Oakley, agreed to have a couture consultation with Bradley to discuss tips and trends that will work for her goals, her style and her comfort levels.


Pitzer is known for finding items that are both fashionable, but also practical and comfortable. Plus, Plum Diore clothing ranges from a night on the couch to a night on the town, so Pitzer will give Bradley a wide range of ideas she can incorporate into her wardrobe.


For Caryn Miller, a full-figured 43-year-old, Pitzer will provide useful “dressing for your body type” advice. She will help Miller find ways to elongate her body and accentuate the smallest part of her waist. “It is hard to find anything that looks good on me when I am obese,” says Miller. “I tend to wear clothes that are baggy because0109TUSCANY_inarticle.gif I feel comfortable in them.”


Miller also needs help with color. “I wear black pants pretty much every day, as everything matches black and it is slimming,” she explains. Pitzer will give Miller tips, such as on-trend gem tones to look for and also hues that complement Miller’s hair and skin tones.


As for Ramona Fisch, our third makeover winner, her only hurdle to fashion is her spare tire. She’s a busy mom, going through menopause, so she has some extra weight around the middle. Fisch wants to find ways to hide that problem area with some fashion tips while she battles the bulge.


With the help of a few current trends that help hide a midsection imperfection – such as flowy tunics, draped cardigans and slub tops – Pitzer will help Fisch find fashions that are slimming but stylish.


Photo: Amy Storer-Scalia