Cincy Chic on the Streets: Your Fashion Questions Answered

Cincy Chic on the Streets: Your Fashion Questions Answered

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In our recent Cincy Chic Reader Survey, readers asked us to get answers to these questions. Ask and you shall receive…

How Do You Stay Fashionable on a Shoestring Budget?
No matter what your budget constraints may be, in order to be fashionable, you must know what the current trends are. Find out by grabbing a cup of coffee at the bookstore and perusing fashion magazines. Do some window-shopping and check out what people out on the streets are wearing, or surf the net for fashion tips and trends.

Once you know what’s happening in fashion, consider the following options to update your wardrobe without spending a chunk of change.

  • Review your closet. Take stock of what you have, what you can update and what you need. Make sure the staples of your wardrobe fit fabulously and are good quality. Its easy to update the look of a skirt or blouse by changing the hemline or buttons.
  • Be creative. Use what you already have to mix, match and layer. Click here for a plethora of fashion tips and trends. You can view New York Fashion Week Live online, featuring Spring 2008 fashions.
  • Have a swap party. Invite fashion-conscious friends over that are about your size to trade clothing and accessories.
  • Shop smart. Scan eBay for clothing deals. Many stores have sale items only available online.
  • Shop sales, outlet malls, consignment shops and stores that offer current fashions at a affordable prices such as: Forever 21, Target, Kohl’s, Deb, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Fashion Bug and Snooty Fox.
  • Accessorize! Purchase fashionable items that compliment what’s already in your closet. Use jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves, purses and glasses to jive up an outfit.

This brings me to the next question…

What’s the Skinny on Wearing Jewelry to Work, on a Date or to a Party?
Well “the skinny” is exactly that. Most often, less is better. I suggest if you can’t decide whether or not to wear a certain piece of jewelry: don’t give it another thought. Just put it back in the drawer.

The jewelry you wear to work should compliment your outfit so you project a professional image, no matter what your profession may be. Consider your environment. Long dangling earrings and noisy bracelets are more party appropriate than work wear. Don’t wear jewelry that could get caught on machinery or yanked off by a child.

Jewelry that you might wear to a party or on a date should be comfortable and make you feel confident. Consider what you’ll be doing on your date. If you’re going to the show, well, by all means, pile it on! But if you’re just going horseback riding, the spurs may be enough bling.

Give them something to talk about on a date or at a party. Wear a unique piece of jewelry or make and accessory that will spur the conversation. If your date’s conservative, then choose something a little less out there. Click here to learn how to accessorize with jewelry.

Can Clothing be Dangerous
Yes, it can. But common sense can eliminate some of the worries. If it’s uncomfortable, don’t wear it. I love high heels and they are comfortable to me. However, they can cause back and foot problems. Tight shoes can restrict the blood flow and are a definite no-no for diabetics.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to look and feel great in tight clothing. But according to Dr. Jerome McAndrews, the national spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association, tight clothes restrict a person from moving comfortably, resulting in poor posture and misalignment of the spine.

Big purses are another hot trend. They look fashionable and allow us to carry most anything we might need for the next three days. However, the weight may cause us to adjust our posture and can throw us off balance. You can carry that big purse, but remove heavy items to lighten the load.

Beauty Buzz enlightens us on what current fashions could cause problems later on.

Now, sling that big lightweight bag over your shoulder, grab that list of items you need to bring your closet up to date and go shopping!