Cupid Couture

Cupid Couture

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, what are you going to wear? Cupid stocked up on love ammo, now you must guide the arrow straight to his heart. Wow him with date-wear appropriate for the occasion, and sweeter than a box of chocolates.

Precious Plan
As you know, Valentines Day is Feb. 14. There is still time to plan your whimsical wardrobe ahead of time for that special night of love, laughter and of course – Cupid couture! The more you plan ahead for that delicious day of the week, the less stress you’ll encounter when getting ready. Think about where you’ll be going, what you’ll be wearing, how you’ll do your makeup, hair and nails so you can be on-time, cool and confident when the big day rolls around. Planning ahead will give you extra time to organize devilish details that will win his heart, and make his tongue wag!


Venue Va-voom
Whether it’s relaxing at home, dinner and a movie or a fine dining experience; ask your date what type of venue you will be attending. Never heard of the place? Look up the number and call the location to find the desirable dress code. Looking for a restaurant? Simply check out our previous article on appropriate dining attire at Cincinnati hotspots or visit, which offers dress code information for many local venues

Don’t be afraid to ask what your date is wearing, or what attire is suitable. He may have a different opinion when it comes to appropriate apparel. In addition, ask what the plans are for the entire evening. After dinner plans may require a slightly different wardrobe. To adjust, bring a scarf or less021108FASHIONINTEXT3.jpg formal jacket to dress your outfit down, or bring a wrap to kick it up a fashionably fabulous notch if necessary. The more you know, the more prepared you will be.

If your date simply won’t divulge any information, take the safe road. Stay away from comfy denim just in case. Opt for a day dress, or mix casual pieces with dressier garb. For instance, dawn a classic black dress with a soft sweater cardigan. Bring a wrap that can dress it up or wear as a scarf depending on the venue. Layer pieces so you can adjust your outfit throughout the evening if necessary.

Ultimate Undergarments
Whether they’re for show, or just for you to know, invest in beautiful undergarments that will make you look and feel your best. Lingerie will put a sexy pep in your step throughout the evening, and will make you feel like a perfect 10 from head to toe. La Silhouette is an exclusive European boutique that offers everything from what you wear “under there” to loungewear and nightwear. There you will find intimates made by familiar designers like Betsey Johnson, Elle MacPherson, Vera Wang and more. Visit La Silhouette online or stop by when you’re walking through Madiera. You dress your outerwear to the nines, why stop there? Simply knowing you’ve spent well-deserved time on yourself will give you a sexy glow. Remember to watch out for lace, bows, anything that may show through your clothes. Sexy undergarments are for you to know …and him to find out – ifhe’s lucky!


Pretty in Pink
Everyone knows the symbolism associated with Valentine’s Day; 021108FASHIONINTEXT2.jpghearts, chocolates and red and pink hues. Why not have fun with the devoted day and incorporate some of the Hallmark holiday into your wardrobe! Stay away from the cheese factor by just adding subtle heart holiday hints. For instance, throw on a ruby red wrap or scarf, or add a heart necklace to your Feb. 14 frock. A small amount of holiday flavor goes a long way, so stay away from clothes that scream Valentine’s Day is here! Save that for your pretty, sexy underwear!

Sultry Details
Time to tend to those devilish date wear details and rev up your tired look. Take your overall appearance to the next level and add a hint of sensuality. The key word here is subtle, so stay classy Cincinnati, but add a bit of sexy to your style. Pair a perfect fitting bra from La Silhouette with a plunging, but classic neckline. Add a long necklace that subtly continues the line down your torso. Try wearing your hair up and soft with long dangling earrings to bring his eyes to your neckline. You can find one of a kind, unique necklaces and earrings for this look at The Gilded Age located in Mt. Adams. Wearing a classy black dress? Compliment this sophisticated style with a bit of Valentine vixen, by adding ravishing red lipstick. Most importantly, add high heels to your look that will lovingly lengthen your legs and show off your killer calves.

Tickle his nose all night by spraying on a pure sexy fragrance like Passion, found at Cher-Chique Boutique and Beauty Bar in Covington. This 100 percent vegan boutique offers seven scents to make his mouth water. Passion is being offered at a special price through February. Add extra shine to your skin by exfoliating and hydrating ahead of time. Sarah, owner of Cher-Chique, suggests0208_INSTORY_makebelieveball.gif Body Glow, a body care product from their Vada line. This shower gel and bath salt combination will add the extra glow to your skin that matches your radiant personality. You get the picture, ladies. Don’t paint a promiscuous picture. Instead bring out the lovely sexy lady we know you are. Your options are endless, so prepare to ooze the sexy class and sophistication that men adore and women admire.

Guide cupid's love arrow straight to his heart by beaming brilliantly from head to toe this Valentine’s Day. Plan ahead so you may chose a decedent dress for the occasion, incorporate a hint of Valentine’s Day into your whimsical wardrobe and add subtle but sexy details to your overall look. As always, the best accessory is a genuine heart and a glowing smile. Have fun this Valentine’s Day and may you find true love in and outside of your closet!

First Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes
Model: Tracie Metzger
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics

Second Photo: Biatta Pink and Black lace from La Silhouette in Madiera

Third Photo: Rachel Leigh jewelry,