Four Ways to Spice up a Dull Wardrobe

Four Ways to Spice up a Dull Wardrobe

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It’s a new year and you’re ready to spice up your life, why not start with your wardrobe? Accessories are a great way to change your look, without breaking the bank for a new wardrobe.

Fun and inexpensive accessories are a great way to transform your once tired wardrobe into several new looks that pop. Follow these easy tips to create a stylish, more fashionable you!

Please Fasten Your Waist Cinch Beltmain021207FASHION.jpg

Try adding a waist cinch belt to a plain blouse or sweater dress, like this red one from Express. Choosing a bold color is an instant way to get an eye-catching look, while the belt pulls in your waistline to accentuate your curves. Select a color like cherry red, which is an easy match. This allows you to pair your belt with various outfits, adding a fun twist to everyday pieces.

Strap on Your Sassy Shoes
Put some pep in your step by adding shoes that make a statement. Whether it’s funky flats or sophisticated heels, bold shoes add spice to any plain outfit. Try passing up the basic black
heel and go for gold, like this pair from Baker Shoes. Like jewelry, gold shoes go with any color and make your look stand out from the rest.

Bold flats are a comfy and practical way to give a casual
outfit s021207FASHION_goldshoes.jpgome spunk. Flats are here to stay from now through spring, making them a great buy for your wardrobe. Pair them with the trend of the moment – leggings – for a fashionable, yet comfortable, look.

And All That Jewelry Jazz
Make your winter wardrobe stand out in a crowd by wearing one bold item of jewelry. Dress up your outfit by adding large dangly earrings to a turtleneck or plain top. Avoid a look that is too busy by making one bold piece your only accessory. Leave your other jewelry at home to let that one selection take center stage.

Keep It Classy, Cincinnati021207FASHION_tealshoes.jpg
Accessories like these are versatile, helping you achieve a different look for a smaller price tag. Be creative and try multiple looks with each piece. No one will see your final outfit until you walk out the door. To avoid getting lost in a sea of accessories, remember too many bold pieces overshadow your look. One standout piece is enough to add some pep to an
outfit, while still showing off that classy, wonderful you!



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