Connecting with Friends over Fashion

Connecting with Friends over Fashion

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We all dream of a personal shopper, an on-call resource to help each of us look our best and find pieces that we can wear for years. Doncaster Fashionistas consultant J. Lee Rabiner is just the person you need.


After spending 10 years as an interior designer, Rabiner started working as a consultant for Doncaster Fashionistas in February 2005. "It doesn’t feel like work, it actually feels like fun," Rabiner says.


The emphasis at Doncaster is on wardrobe building, but as she works with about 20 to 25 clients at any given time, it’s also about relationship building, she says. And the experience doesn’t just have to be relationship building between you and your personal consultant. You also can nurture your friendships over fashion.


Rabiner does most consultations on a one-on-one basis, but the consultations also can be done in a group. She will work with up to 10 women at once in the store, providing advice and helping them pick out pieces. Then, if a woman wants individualized attention, she’ll schedule it, Rabiner says. "It really becomes a mini workshop," Rabiner says.


Doncaster pieces come with custom tailoring and a selection that is tailored to an individual shopper, Rabiner says. It’s truly a wardrobe selected for one 1209KROMBHOLZ.gifstyle, one woman, and each piece is high quality and coordinates with other pieces from season to season. "The clothes are in investment piece, but for the quality that a client is getting, they are cost effective," Rabiner says.


Doncaster has pieces that appeal to women aged 30 to 60, she says, and clothing comes in sizes 2 to 24. Because the pieces are created without extra overhead and marketing costs, the same jacket at a department store might cost two or three times more, Rabiner says.


Rabiner has one major goal for her clients: She wants them to be able to shop on their own for clothing that looks good on them, she says. So outside of girlfriend group consultations, Rabiner usually meets with clients individually and discusses what’s in their wardrobe, what’s working for them and what goals they have for their fashion.


"I really focus on a person developing their own style," Rabiner says. "Fashion is a learning process."


For more information or to set up your girlfriend group consultation, check out or call (513) 543-5891.




Photo courtesy of J. Lee Rabiner