Get the Latest Looks for Less!

Get the Latest Looks for Less!

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Perhaps you’ve watched “The Look for Less,” a small screen fashion gem on the Style Network hosted originally by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and later by Yoanna House. Much like the title states, the premise of the show is about matching designer looks with more affordable fashions. Stylists are turned loose in a mall to mimic expensive garments at a slashed price and show you how to wear the fashionably fantastic looks you love on a budget. Although the show is now a memory, it brought to light the nationwide need for affordable fashion.

For all you Cincinnati style divas, I’m here to tell you that you can look fabulous without pricey Prada products dangling from your fabulously chic frame! And if you must make designer duds a part of your wardrobe, it’s possible to get them on sale locally. Whether there’s a boutique gem that offers designer discounts, or you simply mimic designer duds without the designer price, it is possible to leave some cash in your fabulously fashionable pocketbook. We’ll help you achieve a022508FASHION2.jpg stylish look for less with money left to spend on a night out in the Queen City!

If designer labels are a must for your fashionably fantastic wardrobe, remember it is possible to find them on sale right here in the city. There are countless local fashion boutiques that offer designer brands often found in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Most boutique owners travel to such places and beyond, to bring high-end fashion to your Tri-State fingertips. While not all pieces are always on sale, these local beauties offer seasonal sales and some permanent sale racks to feed your haute couture hunger. Envy, a local boutique found on the corner of Edwards and Observatory, offers Cincinnati fashion dwellers a consistent sale rack for your drool-inducing discount pleasure. Offering 022508FASHION3.jpgstyles from blue jeans to black tie, Envy’s well informed staff will help you find sale items that your haute fashion heart desires. Designer jeans like Cambio (one of Oprah’s favs) and Joe’s Jeans can be found here, with some brands on sale for as much as 80 percent off!

If you’re not familiar with the Suki sale, it’s time to wake up and smell the designer discounts! Suki, found on Michigan Ave., just off Hyde Park Square, is well known for one of the best sales in town. They offer staple designer labels and the most unique fashions I have found at a great price. Usually in January and July or August, the Suki sale is a time to stock up on designer duds at prices you’ll lust over. If you miss the big sale day, no worries, there is a running sale rack in store for you every visit. Oh, and did I mention the denim wall that houses designer jeans at 50 percent off?

Once a year, local fashion boutiques band together for charity, and offer discounted designer0208_INSTORY_makebelieveball.gif labels to boot. Located at Entertainment Solutions in Rookwood, this boutique sale is a great time to get tremendous discounts, with all your favorite stores under one roof. Look for this great sale weekend each year around February. Your wardrobe, and your wallet, will thank you!

 While we all love discounted designer pieces, it’s practical to have clothing in your wardrobe that may look designer, but is in fact a similar style at a far better price. Any extravagantly priced garments that grace the body of your favorite celebrities are possible to clone very easily. Slight changes in fabric and design can get you a similar outfit that looks just as fabulous. Stores like Express, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and more, often imitate the styles high fashion designers show on the runway, at far better prices. Look for a favorite color and basic outline of your favorite designer look, and it won’t be long till you find it much cheaper at your local mall. Whether its accessories, clothing or shoes, you can find designs that imitate larger labels very easily. If you’re browsing online or in a magazine and see a style you love, take it with you to the mall and ask sales0208GIBBERMAN.gif associates in your favorite stores to emulate the look for less. Don’t waste time scouring the racks and shelves. Sales associates know their stores inside and out, and will probably enjoy the challenge of finding just the right items for you and your desired look!

 Finding a look for less is an easy task for any stylista to do. Whether you’re a designer diva on a budget or just love to devour designer-looking duds, there is something out there for everyone. Local boutiques share the label love by having seasonal sales and offering ongoing discount racks, and stores at your local mall bring trendy designer look-a-likes to your fashionable fingertips. Dress your best by finding designer style for less right here in our Queen City. Good luck, and may you find delicious deals to quench your style thirsty wardrobe!