Dare for Flair: Four Tips for Fashioning Your Confidence

Dare for Flair: Four Tips for Fashioning Your Confidence

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You like to feel good, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’d admit that you like to look good too. So, when it comes to clothes, it’s not all about how you feel in your clothes but also how your clothes make you feel.


Since this is the start of my new column at Cincy Chic, I decided to touch on the need to always look your best, whether it’s at work or the grocery store. You may argue that you’d rather be seen for your good works, intellect and humor, not for being superficial and spending a lot of time or money on clothes.


Looking good isn’t just superficial. When you put on a baggy sweat suit or just any old trousers, you might be comfy, but you also have to consider how it will impact your attitude for the rest of the day. How you dress is part of a psychological cycle.


If you don’t care enough about how you look when you walk out the door, you will feel it and show it. When you are out, people see you as a whole package. Your attitude is even "heard" over the phone.


A great example is a friend Emily that will put on a dress, heels and full makeup when making a presentation to a client — a thousand miles away. She understands that she has her A game on when she looks her professional best.


There is a correlation between confidence in what you are wearing and the confidence in yourself. I believe style can have a positive change on you internally. When you make a little more effort for yourself, you may find yourself smiling more, eating healthier and staying on your diet longer. It’s infectious.


To start making the change, follow Flair’s four tips for looking your best:


1. As the saying goes, don’t save the crystal for special occasions. Wear good clothes more often. It is better to have a few great outfits than numerous average ones, so focus on quality, not quantity. Think also in terms of versatile pieces, ones that will take you from work to a social engagement or from staying at home with the kids to having a night out.


2. Take note of what people compliment you on, what you feel good wearing and what looks good on you. Clothes should be tailored to skim — not hug — your body. Re-focus your wardrobe around these pieces.


3. Image is in the details, so make sure your dress shirts and business casual shirts are pressed or dry-cleaned, and keep purses, totes and briefcases clean and of good quality. They make a lasting impression.


4. Dress age appropriately. You have earned the right to dress better and to show off those smile lines. Relish your life experiences. This doesn’t mean frumpy and traditional, just more appropriate than a teeny bopper rayon cocktail dress, Juicy Couture sweat suit or too short shorts and skirts.


Allowing yourself to look "only OK" because there is no one to impress, means you have lost any motivation to look and be your best. Dress for yourself.


It is tough to prove an expensive jacket convinced a new client to ink the deal, but the jacket is building your confidence and those around you are more than noticing you, they are listening to you. By following some basic style tips, you are able to dazzle them with your soul, brilliance and wittiness.


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To learn more about how to fashion yourself toward confidence, visit Dare4Flair.com.