Menswear in a Woman’s World

Menswear in a Woman’s World

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Hey, aren’t those my boxers you’re wearing? Not anymore!

Originally we did borrow their boxers, but now we have our own. For years, women have taken what we wanted from men’s fashion and adapted it to fit our style. 

This trend started in the 1920s when women’s fashion trends became manlier with flattened chests and shorter hair. Women used to wear corsets; now we’re running around in comfy boxer shorts – sans the open fly front.

We’ve also taken the man’s business suit and adjusted it to fit the feminine physique. To avoid the boring business suit, consider adding a touch of the unexpected. Pump up the color and style of your workday look with a man’s vintage tie. Either tie one on with your man or learn how to tie it on your own.

You can even make that same suit work after work by replacing your shirt with a contrasting bustier and adding a pair of stiletto heels. Try the Victoria Secret zip front leather corset or their seamless bustier. Either would be great with or without a jacket!

Put on that vest and go out clubbing! No, I’m not kidding. Just don’t put that plain white blouse under it. Wear the vest alone, with a cami or put it over a tight tee shirt. If you really want the nine to five version of a vest, visit Express.

Menswear printed pants are in style now and big for Fall 2008. To soften the look, pair your houndstooth, plaid or pinstriped pants with a feminine shirt – maybe something pink.

It may have looked a little over the top, but Naomi Campbell was in style wearing her fedora and fur coat as she completed her community service hours picking up trash on the streets of New York. You can do better than that! Wear your fedora with jeans and a T-shirt. It will add an eclectic look to your casual outfit. Need to see it? Check out a variety of fedoras.

Now you’re ready to go from head to toe with menswear in a women’s world.

Click here or on the play button below to view a Webcast of Carolyn giving great menswear-inspired fashion tips.



Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Fischer Homes
Model: Carolyn Martinez
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics