The Diamond and The Dress

The Diamond and The Dress

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Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They loved one another. The boy gave the girl a ring. Sometimes it sparkled. The girl bought a white dress. She kind of liked it. And …


A Diamond Should Always Sparkle


Your engagement ring should be brilliant. Think of it as a reflection of the strength and clarity in your relationship, and good thing a lifetime commitment can be classically chic.


Fred Koss, a diamond broker with 30 years of experience and the owner of FK Diamonds, views an engagement ring as a symbol of love. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so good thing Koss can find the perfect ring. "I can get any size, shape and quality of diamond he/she is looking for along with any setting you may want," Koss says.D2DWebInStory.gif


It all begins with a phone call and usually ends with a timeless diamond ring. Your beau should have a man-to-man talk with Koss. He’s met with many guys in the familiar atmosphere of their office or home to show diamonds. "I encourage customers to shop and compare so that they know they are getting the very best from me," Koss says.


Just like in your relationship, make sure all of your engagement ring expectations are on the table. Then, let Koss know your diamond dreams, and be ready for a dazzling result.


Feel Beautiful then Be Beautiful


Your wedding dress is more than white fabric. It should fit like angels in heaven planned a couture design just for you. This is what makes a girl glow on her wedding day. (That and love, but we’re going to focus on the wedding dress.)


Where would you possibly find such a divine dress? No matter where you find your dress, it’s what you do after you buy the dress that makes a difference.


Downtown Cincinnati, in a fourth floor studio on Central Parkway, a bride-to-be is standing in front of a gold-framed mirror wearing her wedding dress, "This is perfect!" she says. Couture tailor Tony King replies, "It belongs to you now." The essence of couture alterations is found within this exchange of words.


When King started sewing, in the early ’70s, he was obsessed with making a design to fit the woman’s body shape, he says. "I had this obsession of making it fit," King says.


His obsession is your reward. Nearly five-dozen pictures of glowing brides line his studio walls. Each took her new and nostalgic wedding dress in for an alteration. Actress Amanda Tepe brought King the wedding dress worn by her mother decades earlier. He altered it while keeping the vintage essence then added Tepe’s personal style.


Jeff Ruby’s daughter, Britney Miller, brought King her Elie Saab wedding dress with hopes of removing the lace neckline and making the strapless dress, but King says he wouldn’t do it. He suggested dropping the neckline while leaving the lace. Miller trusted King and let him alter her dress as he saw it in his mind’s eye. She looked stunning in her couture alternation.


A bride wearing her grandmother’s early 20th century wedding dress looked like a 21st century princess. A baby girl wearing her mother’s wedding dress altered to be a christening gown looked like Cinderella as an infant.


If you’ve found your wedding dress and it’s nearly perfect, there’s one more stop to make it perfectly yours: call King at (513) 368-5833.


… and the girl and the boy loved each other so much they decided to pay attention to the details that make love beautiful. The End.




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Fred Koss (top photo) and Tony King (bottom photo)

Location: BOOST…for meeting’s sake