How to Look Red Hot in Green

How to Look Red Hot in Green

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Get out your green gear; St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! Fashionistas everywhere will be incorporating green into their wardrobe to celebrate the luck of the Irish. While you may be thinking green could never compliment your style, we’re here to prove green can be glamorous on St. Patty’s Day and beyond.

Why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, anyway? Most believe it’s because of St. Patrick’s shamrock, or three-leaf clover. Whatever the case, green can be a great addition to your wardrobe and a fun way to incorporate the holiday into your look. Be creative with the celebration and pay homage while keeping your own personal style in check. While there’s nothing wrong with crazy beads and shamrock stickers, some of us are dedicated to all things fashionable and wish to celebrate in style.

If subtle is your St. Patty’s Day passion, there are plenty of ways to commemorate the Irish without going overboard. Green is considered a neutral color, making it an easy compliment to most shades. Jeans, white, khaki, black, brown – just about anything will go with green.  Kelly green, a dark but brighter green, is usually associated with St. Patrick’s Day. It will make any dull outfit pop with color and make the bag pipers play whenever you enter the room.

031008FASHION3.jpgOne way to do this is to add a hint of green to your lucky look with accessories that get your Patty’s Day point across. Show off a green scarf or rock a green handbag or headband and you’ll be dancing the Irish jig in style. Put on a Shamrock charm or earrings for a festive yet understated way to celebrate.  Opt for a top or dress with slight hints of green to express your style while conveying your Irish spirit.

Make leprechauns everywhere jealous by wearing a green top, dress or fantastically fun St. Patty’s Day t-shirts. Casual is the cuisine for your green day palette. Enjoy some green beer with your favorite fitting jeans and a fun Irish t-shirt. is a great source for amusing t-shirts (they carry the famous ”Who Dey Bitches” t-shirt with Paris Hilton on the front). Urban Outfitters is known for comfortable, yet fun t-shirts that come in assorted colors such as St. Patty’s Day green.0208GIBBERMAN.gif
Make this calming color a permanent part of your wardrobe palette, even when the St. Patrick’s Day celebration is over. Green is a universal sign of spring, symbolizing nature and creatively giving a calm and refreshing feeling. Although green is always in, many designers incorporate the neutral shade into their spring and summer 2008 clothing lines. Along with the neutral fashion for warmer days ahead, green plays a big role in the new tribal trend and florals are found everywhere in designer collections.

According to old folklore, those who don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day can expect to be pinched by a leprechaun! Considering little leprechauns don’t run rampant in Cincinnati, your friends and family may just do the job! Make everyone green with envy by incorporating the holiday into your look in a fashionable, fun way. Green is a natural Springtime color that may be simply paired with any shade. From St. Patty’s Day and beyond, green is a beautiful way to relax and rejuvenate your look. May the road rise to meet you, and a wardrobe full of green greet you!




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