Hidden Gem Helps You Shop, Save, Give

Hidden Gem Helps You Shop, Save, Give

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There’s a secret lying right under the noses of the suburbanites living in Anderson Township. It’s a secret that its owner says could be a fashionista’s key to finding some of the most unique style pieces in the city.


We’re talking about the Urban Chick Boutique.


"You are free to be who you are in here," Owner Terri Smith says. "You can come in here and find something to fit your lifestyle." Smith opened the store in August 2010 to create a store that offers unique finds in accessories and clothing.


Urban Chick carries mostly dresses, jackets, purses, and scarves. And even though we just saw snow last week doesn’t meant that you can’t get excited for spring with the spring dresses soon to be hitting the store. "We have a ton of them on order," Smith says.


1209KROMBHOLZ.gif Beyond the fashionable eye, other secrets help set the store apart from the standard boutique shopping experience. The key to unlock this unique experience is at UrbanChickBoutique.com/coupons. You can just print off this page for some fun savings.


Smith plans to improve the coupons offered in the next few months, but one coupon that never expires gives you a little caffeine kick to postpone the latter part of "shop till you drop." The staff usually has coffee brewing for customers, and the coupon page gives you a chance to have a free cup o’ joe.


Coupons or not, though, Urban Chick always keeps customer service as a priority. "The girls that work here are very into helping the customer," Smith says. "It is just a comfortable experience."


As Urban Chick is a specialized boutique, it’s also available for private parties and special events, and all private event groups get to select a charity to receive 10 percent of the night’s sales. In fact, that’s a part of the shopping experience that most people don’t realize is available, Smith says. "Any group can rent the store out for a night of shopping," she says.


"I want people to feel like they are not rushed, and that they are right at home," Smith says. "We are here to help the customer."


For more information about Urban Chick, head to their Web site at UrbanChickBoutique.com or head straight to the store at 6740 Clough Pike in Anderson Township.




Photo courtesy of Urban Chick Boutique