Going Green and Glam with a Renewed Jewel

Going Green and Glam with a Renewed Jewel

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Gemstone mining and extracting metals is tough on Mother Earth. That’s why Lee Krombholz, owner and designer at Krombholz Jewelers, launched the "Renewed Jewel" brand.

"Though it is a new name, we have been creating and selling ‘Renewed Jewels’ since our beginning in 1940," says Krombholz. "There are three components to this new line: encompassing estate pieces, our award winning custom design, and consideration for our jewelry’s global and ecological impact."

Krombholz says they are encouraging the recycling of existing metals and jewels to make new jewelry. This includes the buying of jewelry that is worn out, broken, or out of style and refining the metal, recutting the gemstones and reusing these components in new custom designs. "We utilize our award winning design team in this process to make very exciting, personal and beautiful jewelry," he says.0321KROMBHOLZ2.jpg

One of the beautiful "Renewed Jewels" Krombholz recently created is a gold and silver pendant. The piece was initially made to be published in Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America Journal. The article focused on the difference between handmade and CAD (computer aided design) methods.

The silver side of the pendant is handcrafted, just as Krombholz’s grandfather had done in the early 1900’s. The gold side used CAD, wax models and more modern methods of designing and making custom jewelry pieces.

Renewed Jewel pieces like this can be purchased at Krombholz Jewelers in Old Montgomery. "We do have a number of customers who are concerned about the ecological ramifications of what unfortunately occurs in the process of  producing new material," he says. "It’s a way to provide something to the buyer who wants repurposed, without it necessarily being a custom piece."

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