Fixing Your Fashions

Fixing Your Fashions

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A nice tailor like Peppe Ramundo and Son can
take your wardrobe from fine to fantastic.

With the change in seasons comes a change in clothes, but that can be a more involved process than just switching out clothes in your drawers and closet. In fact, we recommend it to be.


As you switch out the seasons, take your time to update your wardrobe. We’ve talked about the "three piles" method before, so start there. In this method, you go through your wardrobe and create three piles: keep, donate and tailor. These three piles help you consolidate and update your wardrobe to maximize its usage.


For the first two piles, you choose either to keep the item as is and put it right back in your closet or to get rid of the item outright. That third pile is the trickiest. That pile is for all of the clothes that you know have potential but need just a little tweak here or there to make you want to wear them.


As this creates another whole step to your cleaning process, we thought we’d make it a little easier to outline what you can expect from your tailor. We connected with Carmen Ramundo of Peppe Ramundo and Son to learn the dos and don’ts of tailoring.


1. Do know what can be done. Tailors can make minor adjustments in any part of a garment. If you’ve lost or gained weight, they can adjust the hip area of your pants just as they can bring up or let out the hem of pants, skirts and dresses if you’re too short or tall for a particular pair of pants. Beyond the necessities, though, tailors can make a seemingly fit item even more fitted to your individual body by reshaping the garment to your figure.


2. Don’t expect miracles. Tailors might become your best friends but only if you know their limits. You need to know that they want the best for your (after all customer satisfaction is the No. 1 factor in return business), and sometimes that means that they can’t do the job for you, especially when it comes to readjusting the sizing of an item. "A couple sizes would probably be the max before things start to look a little conspicuous," Ramundo says.


3. Do know the benefits beyond your alterations. Peppe Ramundo and Son offers a couple benefits for their customers. The first is that if a customer isn’t happy with the initial alteration, they will rework the item to be fitted more to your expectations. Once your satisfied, though, they keep their customers satisfied with some tailor tune-ups. "If we’ve done something to a pair of pants and down the road, if it’s ripped or whatever, we’ll take care of it and we don’t charge them as well," Ramundo says, so if you rip your hem out with your stiletto, no worries.


4. Don’t forget to care for your item. The initial value of your item only goes so far. It’s how you care for it afterward that makes the big difference. Just as you need to clean your silver to keep the shine, you need to clean your clothes to keep them wearable. Beyond just keeping your wardrobe free of stains and smells, the cleaning process actually helps keep your garments’ fibers in the right place, Ramundo says.


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