Bead It!

Bead It!

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1 2 Strand Sterling Silver Tube Clasp
4 Sterling Silver Crimp tubes (size #2)
40 6mm Bicone Crystals in your choice of colors *
20 Color A (Tanzanite)
20 Color B (Purple Velvet)
44 3mm Crystal (clear) Bicones
Beading wire (recommend Soft Flex or Beadalon)
4 Horseshoe shaped wire guardian (optional)
4 Crimp Covers (optional)



1 Crimping pliers
1 Bead cutters
Tape or Bead Stoppers
Bead mat or design board is nice as it keeps the beads from rolling around



*I used Purple Velvet and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals. You may need more or less beads depending on your wrist size. This is 7 1/2 inches long, with an inside diameter of 61/2 inches. Given the design of this bracelet it’s easy to make it bigger or smaller.

Measure your wrist and add three inches to that. Cut two of those lengths from the beading wire. (I cut mine to 10 1/2 inches).

Open the two-strand tube clasp and put one end aside.

Take one of the lengths that you cut, thread on a crimp bead, the wire guardian (if you’re using one) and thread it thru one of the loops on the clasp, bring the end back down the wire guardian (if you’re using one)) and back thru the crimp bead. Pull it snug but leave a little “wiggle” room.

Starting with a 3mm bicone repeat the following pattern tillpic3.jpg the bracelet is a comfortable length:
3mm, color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, color A, 3mm
(I have a total of 20 6mm bicones on mine)

Attach a piece of tape (or use a bead stopper) on the end to keep the beads from falling off. Then pick up the second length of the beading wire and attach as above.

This time the pattern is:
3mm, color B, 3mm, and color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, Color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm. Again, attach either tape or the bead stopper to the end

Make sure both lengths have the same about of beads and that you started and ended each strand with a 3mm bicone.


Place comfortably around your wrist and make any adjustments that you deem necessary.


Attach the other end of the clasp as you did before, but make sure that the strands don’t cross. Pull snugly but still allow a little ‘wiggle” room.

Put the bracelet on and brag to everyone that you made it yourself!









All photos by Dave Abdon, DCA Photography. More of his photos can be seen at .