The Secret to Bringing out Your Inner Sex Kitten

The Secret to Bringing out Your Inner Sex Kitten

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As a member of the male gender, I can safely say that lingerie is like the chocolate syrup on a double chocolate fudge sundae from Graeters — it’s there for a reason. But when it really comes down to it, it doesn’t make the sundae any sweeter. Many women wear sexy lingerie so they can feel sexy and confident. See, we guys are so self-involved that we think everything is about us. And though it may be on the floor more than on your body, lingerie is necessary to feel sexy for many women.

If we just look on the surface of what makes women feel sexy, and just delve into the lingerie, oils and candles, we see that, again, men and women have very differing opinions there as well.

So, what kind of lingerie makes you feel sexy? And where can you get it? Some of the places women kept mentioning were the old favorites such as Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood, but some local spots are mentioned frequently as well. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kim Sheridan, the public relations manager from Pure Romance. Sheridan says that most women are interested in feeling both sensual and sexy. Two of her top lingerie sellers are The Executive and Red Hot Vixen.


La Silhouette Lingerie has been featured on Cincy Chic before and offers a range of items that are sure to catch the attention of your intended target. Sheer Necessities and are also viable places for all of your lingerie needs, and then some.

However, all that sexy lingerie can be wasted.

Something many women look for is confidence. No woman can feel sexy, let alone feel like the goddess she really is, without being confident. All the women I spoke to for this story said her sexual confidence comes from one thing: self-confidence.

Empowering yourself sexually and getting in touch with what makes both you and your partner tick behind closed doors (or right out in the open if that works for you) is important to owning your own sexuality. This will lead to a more comfortable situation and let loose your inner minx.

Relationship status is also directly proportionate to a women’s level of confidence, yet another example of a woman’s partner dictating sexuality. A woman I spoke to relayed that she hadn’t felt sexy in years; she is recently divorced and has a child. Another said that she feels sexy everyday just knowing her new fiancée is waiting for her. The more confident you are with yourself, the greater your sexual appetite will be.

Men generally associate feeling sexy with feeling horny, and, by that definition, a guy can feel sexy in any situation whether he is single, divorced, married or otherwise. However, women require their feelings and emotions stroked in order to let her hair down (metaphorically speaking of course).

But whatever it takes for a woman to feel sexy, it must come from a place of individuality and confidence. From my perspective, we need to own ourselves — man or woman — in order to be comfortable in our own sexual skin.



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