Put a Fashionable Foot Forward

Put a Fashionable Foot Forward

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It's time to take stock of how you've neglected your feet during the cold months. After a winter spent in boots, skin on the feet tends to be dry and scaly or have thickened areas, and the appearance of your toenail might make your stomach turn a little bit. Since sandal season is just around the corner, women are scrambling to whip those feet into shape.

Here are a few tips, provided by Xenna Corporation, to help you dewinterize your feet:

  1. Trim toenails carefully. Toenails should always be trimmed straight across. This is easier to do when they're damp from the shower. Toenails also deserve the attention of a scrub brush to clean underneath. Invest in high quality instruments and never share pedicure or manicure implements with anyone else.
  2. Tend to cuticles. If cuticles are a problem, use a cuticle remover and then push back the cuticle or trim any remaining skin with cuticle nippers.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturize. Use a dry heel ointment to thin and soften hardened skin and exfoliate dry, cracked heels.
  4. Use nail polish sparingly. While nail polish provides a temporary fix for unattractive toenails, continuous use is not advised. Toenails need to breathe and have occasional breaks from polish.
  5. Use sunscreen liberally. Fresh air and sunshine are great for feet and toenails, but sunscreen is advised to protect sensitive skin from harmful rays.

040907FASHION.jpg As for popular pedicure fashion trends, it's time to get pretty in pink, according to Wendy Wesley, nail department manager at Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa. In her 16 years at the salon, she's seen a lot of possible trends pop up here and there. But, "the color is definitely pink this summer," she says. "After the vamp, dark shades from last year, we're moving into a sweeter, flirtier, pink summer."

From sheer medium pink to a bright hot pink, there's no doubt that pink is paramount this season. Wesley says experts note another foot fashion that's right around the corner: all white nails with all white outfits. "They're saying that's going to be really trendy," Wesley says.

And a little further south in Florence at Hairspray etc., stylist Deanna Snowball says she's seeing a lot more traditional reds this year. "No pastels or tips," she says. "Just red toes."

But no matter how you paint them, you have to take care of them because the current fashions are giving your toes more limelight than usual this year. "People are wearing open-toe and peep-toe shoes a lot earlier than usual," says Wesley. "So, getting a pedicure, and taking care of them at home, is very important this summer."