Mommy Means Business

Mommy Means Business

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Some of the fab mom-to-be fashions featured at the new Boutique 280 in Madeira

When local woman Amanda Kranias was expecting, she shared the same experience with many of her friends. Unfortunately, she also had to share the same styles too.


"I began to notice that when my friends and I were pregnant, we were all wearing pretty much the exact same things," Kranias says. "We didn’t even need to ask each other where we got the pieces. We were all shopping at the same place because that was our only option."


So Kranias took to researching more about how she could help bring variety to the fashions available to moms-to-be in Cincinnati. After a year of talking to sales representatives from countless maternity clothing lines and scouring the Internet for the best of the best, Kranias was ready to make her entrepreneurial dream a reality with a 1209KROMBHOLZ.gifMadeira boutique.


And Boutique 280 was born on March 28. The name comes from the average number of days of pregnancy, and Kranias makes it her priority to have each of those days be special for the pregnant-istas of the city. "It’s hard enough to feel fashionable and chic when your body is changing and growing, so I want to offer the expectant moms in Cincy the opportunity to still feel fabulous during their 280 days of pregnancy," Kranias says.


When selecting the merchandise for her boutique, Kranias kept in mind what was important to her as a mom-to-be and new mom. "I’m a mom, and I’ve opened this business with moms in mind," she says.


The result? A boutique filled with comfy seating with ottomans so that you can relax and keep those legs elevated! And Boutique 280 offers functional but chic diaper bags, quality clothes that can transition from maternity to new-mom looks, and undergarments that will keep you comfortable.


Boutique 280 give you the maternity options for your everyday errands to your special nights out. "I’ll have that perfect cocktail dress; the fun and sassy tunic; and the most stylish jeans, beautiful accessories, and other must have items from the most amazing maternity labels available," Kranias says.


Beyond the mom, Boutique 280 also offers looks for the little ones, with about half the store focused on mom and half on baby.


For more information about Boutique 280, check out the store at 7006 Center Street in Madeira or check out the store online at