20/20 Vision for Chic Design

20/20 Vision for Chic Design

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A visit to the eye doctor isn’t exactly a fashionable affair. Well, it isn’t unless you’re visiting the docs at Harper’s Point Eye Associates.


This Montgomery-based practice opened its doors for business more than 30 years ago with just one doctor. Today, it boasts four nationally recognized eye doctors and a fab partnership with Holte Eyewear.


Why the partnership? The docs knew they provided comprehensive optometric care, but they wanted to take that a step further and pair the best eye care with the best eyewear. Enter, Holte Eyewear.



And boy, is Holte Eyewear making a splash on the local style scene. Not only do they carry the most fashion-forward designers, such as Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Juicy Couture. They also specialize in the latest trends otherwise only available in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.


“I have a passion for great eyewear,” says Ryan Holte, president of Holte Eyewear. “Opening Holte Eyewear gave me an opportunity to do what I love: helping people see and look their best.”


With more than 1,000 designer frames bedazzling their shelves, Holte Eyewear also has top-of-the-line eyeglass lens technology for your peepers, as well as contact lenses and prescription sunglasses.


While the eyewear boutique offers frames for men, women and children, the practice offers care for patients of all ages. They also treat many eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic eye disease. So, it is a practice that welcomes the whole family.


Speaking of family, that’s a big reason why Holte opened Holte Eyewear. “It allowed me to leave my corporate travel schedule behind and spend more time here in Cincinnati with my family.”


Aw, a family man who loves fashion. Can you say Mr. Perfect? Sorry ladies, he’s taken. But if you are interested in becoming a new patient, or the new owner of some fabulous designer frames, give Holte Eyewear a call at (513) 489-4000 or visit www.holteeyewear.com.