Running with Style: Bringing Sexy Back to the Track

Running with Style: Bringing Sexy Back to the Track

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Gone are the days of tattered gym shorts and oversized t-shirts. Ladies: It’s time for the 21st century running style. After all, you’re divas in your jobs and personal lives – so why not out on the track?

According to Dana Carman, a PR representative for SportSkirts, when it comes to running-wear, women need to maintain their femininity. “In the old days, women's running apparel was created by ‘shrinking and pinking,’ which means that manufacturers would take the existing men's line and offer women smaller sizes in pastel colors,” Carman says. ”But these days, running wear is actually designed for a woman's body so it fits better and works better for performance.”

When asked about her favorite up-and-coming trend in running wear, Carman enthusiastically cites the running skirt. “As a woman who grew up playing sports in a pre-sports bra era, I can really appreciate having apparel that is specific to women … and nothing says that better than the skirt,” she says. But, her fondness for running skirts has more to do with than just style.

From a technical standpoint, she says, “It's very strong, as it prevents chafing by not having material between your thighs, and it's [also] extremely lightweight and cool.” Because of this, Carman heartily endorses the running skirt for long-distance running.

And, in regards to color, Carman thinks women should get out of the pink rut. “Last year,” she says, “pink was the color ‘du jour’; and there's still some pink out there, which is great, but it looks like more colors have entered the market.” This season’s must-have shades: fruity, succulent colors like lemon yellow and kiwi green. Note: the brighter, the better; running safety is always a "Do."
Another trend making its way onto the fashion scene is X-static odor-free running apparel, says Brad Dunlevy, owner of Northern Kentucky-based Meters and Miles. According to Dunlevy, X-static technology benefits runners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Eliminating bacteria and ammonia
  • Keeping the garment cool in the summer by distributing heat, and warm in the winter by reflecting heat
  • Featuring silver fibers, which pull the skin’s electric charges away from the body; this aids in quicker muscle recovery and reduces muscle fatigue

Thanks to such technology, Dunlevy says that exercise enthusiasts are now more comfortable than ever. “The saying is ‘cotton is rotten!’” he says. But for Leah Peelman, a front-runner for this year’s Flying Pig marathon, it’s all about combining style with functionality. And, considering her outfit has to last her for 26.2 miles, Peelman is careful in her selections. This year, Peelman plans on gracing the Flying Pig in a yellow Mizuno tank top and bright blue Puma t-shirt. Outfitted in such style, Peelman will likely leave a fashionable footprint in her trail of dust.