Making Project Iris Bloom

Making Project Iris Bloom

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A national clothing line, Project Iris, is blossoming right here in the Queen City.050911fashion.jpg

Project Iris isn’t your traditional t-shirt schlepper. All the designs for the shirts are authentic and created by the innovative Project Iris design team. The designs come from the idea that health and the essence of beauty are directly related; a woman who takes good care of herself will have higher self confidence. “A woman’s true beauty can be measured by her compassion for the world around her,” their Web site explains, “the essence of that beauty.”

According to Project Iris, the designs are “focused on communicating comfort, tranquility and appreciation for the beauty of our planet.” The unique colorful floral designs they have created for their spring line really demonstrates the company’s love for the environment that most of us take for granted, but presenting the beauty of earth isn’t out of the norm for them. They strive to keep the company earth friendly as well as maintaining the production of the clothing in the United States.


Project Iris intends to raise awareness, and funds, to positively impact world hunger, malnutrition and the health of women and children in developing countries. In fact, their initial contribution to World Food Program USA provided meals to more than 1209KROMBHOLZ.gif12,500 mothers and children in need. The World Food Program USA is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, providing nourishing meals for new mothers and their children in the poorest parts of the world.


“This brand was developed with a purpose – to give women that like fashion an opportunity, through their own social consumerism, to easily contribute to causes that help other women,” says Marilee Kern, owner and operator of Kern Communications, who represents Project Iris. “We’re spreading a message of giving and hope that is reflected through Project Iris fashions designed and manufactured with great care.”


So, not only will you be wearing a comfy, cute t-shirt, you’ll also be helping a mother feed her child or children. The clothing is sold in retail outlets such as spas, boutiques, resorts, yoga studios and fitness centers. They also have a great online store so you can get a look at all the designs available – and maybe snag one for yourself.





Courtesy of Project Iris