Furnishings, Fashion, Art and Furniture

Furnishings, Fashion, Art and Furniture

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Fashion is an art. And Emily Buddendeck, owner of Nvision in Northside, Ohio, recognizes that fact with her store. Nvision combines clothing, art and furniture into one store that offers a different selection from your average clothing store, art gallery or furniture showroom.


Whether it’s a shirt or a sofa, each item at Nvision is a product of a local artist’s work. As an artist herself, Buddendeck wants to provide local artists with an outlet to put their work in the hands of the public. This work includes items that are handmade, recycled, repurposed, modified or reconditioned.


With the green movement, artists are using their creativity to recycle and repurpose items. “Artists are finding new ways to use parts and pieces for their items in a utilitarian way that is also a nod to design,” Buddendeck says.


This design adds spice to the store and more to the home. In fact, to describe the store, “most people who walk in tend to use the word ‘fun,’ ” Buddendeck says. And this fun place serves as an inspiration to anyone who is looking for something more creative to add to her space. “With money so tight these days, it’s nice to browse and shop for ideas and then take that home and do it yourself or just buy the piece,” she says.


One particular artist, Victor Strunk, mixes fashion and art in his mixed-media pieces. He creates sculpture collages with found objects, including vintage fabrics. Recently, there’s been a “resurgence of vintage fabrics,” Buddendeck says, and with his art, Strunk proves that the material isn’t just for 0609LPC_INSTORY.jpgclothing.



Besides art and clothing, however, these fabrics are coming through in the furniture side of the store with accessories like throw pillows. “Here it’s taking it to the next level by modifying something to a modern taste but still having that vintage feel,” Buddendeck says.


While vintage might be “in,” it’s important to not live in the past and stick with the same old, same old. “Don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s a lot that can be discovered through experimentation — things that you didn’t know you would like,” Buddendeck says. “If you don’t allow yourself to experience new things, you’ll always have things of the past because you’ve already done it.”


For more information about Nvision or to get your creative mind working on your next interior design challenge, check out the store’s Web site.




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Emily Buddendeck
Location: The McAlpin