Amy Gets a Ring Redesign at Krombholz Jewelers

Amy Gets a Ring Redesign at Krombholz Jewelers

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These rings – featuring a thin, feminine band with diamonds inset, and a "halo" around the main diamond – inspired the look for Amy’s redesign at Krombholz Jewelers

When my husband proposed (a little bird told me the proposal is on YouTube), he gave me the most beautiful ring. It was an Asscher Cut in a feminine four-prong setting.

Unfortunately, it was too dainty for my hands-on lifestyle, and in the span of 6 months, I broke two different prongs. I was afraid I’d lose the diamond, so I had it redesigned several years ago to get rid of the prongs.

The redesign was effective in making the diamond more secure, but it made it a little too contemporary for my taste. Plus, Asscher Cuts are famous for their 16 additional facets for clarity and sparkle, and this new setting didn’t let enough light under the diamond to let it shine. 060611advertorial_before.jpg

So, now after nearly three years of having this
"too contemporary" setting, I went to Krombholz Jewelers to get my ring redesigned again. I came with a few ideas in mind, and Lee Krombholz, owner and designer at Krombolz, went through various designs to make sure we created exactly what I wanted.

After looking at several designs, Lee decided I was looking for what he called a "modern antique" and he showed me a design that took my breath away. It was perfect. It features a thin, feminine band with diamonds inset, and a "halo" around the main diamond. The wedding band emulates the thin band and inset diamonds on the engagement ring.

Once I had my heart set on that design, Lee took measurements of the metal and diamonds of my current rings. We will keep my Asscher Cut diamond (of course) for the new design, but the diamonds on my wedding band and metal from both rings will be traded in.

Lee is currently developing a CAD (computer-aided design) of the new ring, and will make a wax model of it for me to approve before he actually makes the pieces.

Watch the webcast below to learn more about the design process and check back next month to see the final product!

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