Fashion Fibs Revealed

Fashion Fibs Revealed

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Have you ever believed flushed alligators roam the sewers or casinos pump out oxygen? If so, you’re not alone! Many of us have fallen for urban legends since childhood. Unfortunately, the fashion world is no exception to tall tales and myths!  It’s time to dispel style stories that have kept cautious consumers guessing for years.

Side note: Pop Rocks and soda are not included, so luckily your stomach won’t explode!


Myth 1: Don’t wear white after Labor Day
It’s time to set the record straight and solve the biggest fashion quandary of all time! White clothing is appropriate for any season, if done correctly! Wear heavier fabrics (wool or corduroy for example) during cooler months, and lighter fabrics (such as linen and soft knits) during warmer months. Wear your white duds with weather appropriate shoes and you’re ready to paint the town white any time of the year!

Myth 2: Don’t wear open-toed shoes with socks or tights
Celebrity style stars have quickly changed our view of tights and open toed shoes. We think this look is not only quirky chic, but also daring in a “red dress at a cocktail party” kind of way. Create this look with peep toe pumps
060908FASHION2.jpg or thick, strappy heels like the cross over sandal by ASOS. The best part? Your favorite shoes can easily become seasonless.

Myth 3: Short women can’t wear long dresses
If this were true, short brides everywhere would be sporting mini dresses. Long day dresses (maxi dresses) are a huge trend this season, and can be enjoyed by style mavens of all heights! Try Old Navy’s Maxi Tube Dress (on sale for $14.49) with sleek flats like the “Caralie” sandal by Jessica Simpson, or add some height with the popular tall wedge “Heech” from Nine West. Whether you opt for flats or heels, wearing a maxi dress this season will always leave you standing tall.

Myth 4: Horizontal stripes make you look big
Wear stripes correctly and the only thing looking larger will be your taste for nautical style. Mix solids with stripes, and consider adding these lovely lines to areas of the body you consider smaller. For example, the Kimchi and Blue Highlighter Dress is perfect for a smaller chest and thighs (areas where horizontal stripes are located). The Southern Belle Maxi Dress reduces the look of a larger bust with a solid white top and draws the eye down to the lower bold stripes. If you want stripes for your overall look, go with thinner lines like Splendid’s French Stripe Long V Neck Tunic to avoid crossing the line to an over dramatic look.

0608TRINA.gif Myth 5: Sparkle is only for nighttime
The only sparkle designated for nighttime comes from the stars in the sky. Now we don’t mean a sequin dress is appropriate for work, or the Bedazzler must alter your daywear. Subtle is the key to add shine to the perfect daytime look. Wear a top with a hint of glimmer like the Erato Jeweled Neckline Tank. Just add a black blazer and trousers and you have the perfect office look. Go for a more casual glowing style by adding embellished flats with a tank and wide legs jeans or add a belt with shine to lend more pizzazz to the same outfit.


Myth 6: Black is slimming
Ok, black really can be slimming, but so can color! Rest assured knowing the right style, no matter what the shade, can have the same slimming results! An A-Line dress like the S. Sung Yellow Shirtdress draws in your waist with a fresh and bright geometric print. Add a brown or white belt for an even more dramatic waist-trimming affect. Wear a longer, more fitted top for a slimming day look, like Plum Diore’s Fred Perry Pop Plush Knit top in a pretty pink hue. Bright colors are in this season, so prepare to pop in slimming styles!

Myth 7: It’s ok to wear white to a wedding
Unless you want the cake smashed inyour face, avoid wearing white to a wedding! Let the bride shine as the only vision in white on her special day. There are so many attention-grabbing colors (orange, blue and yellow for example) on trend this season, perfect for wedding wear. Chose one and save your wedding day whites for your special day at the altar!

060908FASHION3.jpg Myth 8: Everyone can wear skinny jeans
Newsflash, skinny jeans enhance what your momma gave ‘ya. Yes, they are a fun trend and look super hot with a long tunic and gladiator sandals, but skinny jeans are not for everyone! It’s OK, there many styles to choose from like the even more stylish flare and wide leg pant. For a great affordable option, check out Forever 21 for a great wide leg selection. Leave the skinny’s for Kate Moss-look-a-likes that wish they had some junk in the trunk!

Myth 9: Your shoes should always match your bag
This is as true as saying Milli Vanilli really sang “Blame it on the Rain.” There is no problem matching the two, but it is nowhere near a necessity. As long as they match your whole ensemble, any combination will do. It’s the overall look you’re going for. Accessories like shoes and handbags are tools to make a fashion play on their own turf.

Myth 10: I am always the same size, no matter what
I must confess, even I have fallen prey to this one. Going a size down is never an issue, but if a certain style begs for the opposite, we tend to have a panic attack! It’s important to remember, not all designers and styling have the same fit. Going up a half shoe size does not mean your feet grew, going up a pant size doesn’t necessarily mean your rear end grew.  Don’t squeeze into shoes or clothing too small for you. Let go of the number and remember what you’re looking for: a fabulous overall look!

The truth has been revealed! Now, style yourself fabulous knowing the facts behind fashion’s top 10 Urban Myths!




Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Christine Brunner
Makeup Artistry: Cecily Claytor, Zoë Custom Cosmetics