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Colors: greens are very popular. Some great combinations are green and raspberry pink, but not a feminine pink. Together they look crisp and fresh. Green and browns- a softer green, paired they are very inviting. Reds, in many shades, are in; rusty reds to a claret color.

Paint: faux finishes that are heavily textured are everywhere. There is a lot of depth of color to these because of the multi-layered processed used. Some have a stencil piece that has irregular borders; that fading in and out treatment gives it an aged feel. Sometimes they can only be seen at certain angles.

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The whole house revolves around the kitchen, and they are magnificent! Beautiful cabinetry, embellished with carved onlays. Painted or stained, there are a lot of details. They are also very well thought out, everything has a function.

Huge refrigerators and freezer drawers. Appliances are all top of the line. People like to invest in things they use this frequently.

Pubs on the first floor are a trend. This is a great spot for entertaining (breaks up the bottleneck in the kitchen) or just an adult place to unwind at the end of the day.
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TVs are everywhere!

This is new – one of our homes has a dedicated soccer room! Astroturf and padded goals. It's great fun for the kids!

Some old styles are being revisited:

  • Detailed woodworking details are rich, elaborate and timeless
  • Wider width hardwood floors, great for the open spaces on which they are being used.
  • Iron railings, with lots of detail, really make a statement in the foyer.
  • Brick inside – one of our homes has gorgeous arched doorways in brick.


– Holly Burtschy Rebensdorf, Interiors by Nancy Paul & Julie Bell