Do (and Look) Good with These Fashionable Charities

Do (and Look) Good with These Fashionable Charities

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If opening your closet is an embarrassment or closing it is impossible, it’s time to clean it out! Get in there and throw out all those clothes that haven’t fit since ’03. Let’s face it ladies, some fads just are not going to come back in style. Maybe it’s just time to get rid of some of those clothes you just don’t like anymore or just never wear even though there’s really nothing wrong with them.

“But what should I do with all these clothes?” you ask. Donate them! There are several places around town that are always looking for donations. Here are just a few to get you started!

The Salvation Army
You can support worldwide aid by donating to the Salvation Army. Much like Goodwill, The Salvation Army accepts donations of any kind at each of its locations. The organization works with other international relief agencies to provide help to the needy around the world. It also supports youth and adult ministries, emergency disaster services and rehabilitations centers.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif For a list of thrift store locations, click here. For information about volunteering to help The Salvation Army, click here.


Dress for Success
This organization is where you want to turn to get rid of any slightly used professional outfits. Dress for Success helps women find jobs by preparing them for interviews and giving them appropriate attire to wear. The organization is supported partly by their shop on West Fourth Street downtown, where you can shop for designer clothing at thrift shop prices!
Northern Kentucky has a one-stop volunteer shop service. This new Web site lists volunteering opportunities for local organizations that are looking for goods and charity events in Northern Kentucky.

Check out a comprehensive list of volunteering opportunities here.


If donations are more your thing, check out the Goods and Services Board. And if you are looking for a good time for a good cause, look for a Northern Kentucky fundraiser.
On the other side of the river, has a page dedicated to Giving Back all its own. On this thread, you can get information about some Cincinnati charities and what volunteers and supplies they need. You also can post a notice asking for help here if you know of an organization or family that is in need of something.

Community Support at Arbonne

Local Arbonne representative Erin Meyer has set up a community involvement page on her Web site. Look chic with Arbonne’s completely natural beauty products and get some information about ways to give back to your community at the same time.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of some clothes or just looking for a good deal, Goodwill is the place to be. Like the Salvation Army, they will take donations of just about anything at any of their locations. Goodwill also has weekly sales and specials. For more information about donating to Goodwill, click here.

Kenzie’s Closet
Have a cocktail dress or bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again? Donate it to Kenzie’s Closet. They are in need of gently worn dresses, wraps, jewelry, new shoes and other accessories.

Economically disadvantaged girls from select schools who are referred to Kenzie’s Closet by a principal, counselor or social service agency. These girls can set up an appointment to “shop” for the dress, shoes and accessories of their dreams at the Kenzie’s Closet boutique – all free of charge.

Donations are gratefully accepted from October through February by appointment only at Kenzie’s Cloest, 2010 Madison Road. Please call them at 513-533-PROM to make an appointment to drop off your donated items. You can also drop off your donation to any Appearance Plus Cleaners location.


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