The Diagnosis: “The I Have Nothing to Wear Blues”

The Diagnosis: “The I Have Nothing to Wear Blues”

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Every woman opens up her closet and says it: “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” When in actuality you’re standing in front of a closet full of potential. Here are a few ways to tap into that illusive potential:

The Blouse

The button down, collared shirt, whatever you'd like to call it; we all have it in our closet, and probably look at it as if it were calling us back to the office. NOOOOOOOOO! All you need to do is add belt around the waist (thin or wide belt), cuff the sleeve. Put on a pair of dark jeans, cute pumps and tahdah! You have successfully transformed that top into tiptop sexy, sophisticated shape.

The Lil Cotton Dress
Is it a dress? Is it a top? It’s both. Ladies, please don’t think that because something is marketed as one item, that’s all it can be. Wrong. Fashion wouldn’t be fashion if you didn’t play around with it and do your own thing.

For some reason, you’ve kept it or you’ve worn at ton and don’t want people thinking “is that the only dress this girl owns?” Add a pair of jeans or dress pants under it and wear it as a top. This is an oober trendy way to add style to an otherwise bland garment. Punch it up with a clutch, fun bracelet or diamond studs. Pin your bangs back and you’ve turned blah into bam! (Pssst! This is also a great way to hide when you’re feeling a little on the bloated side.)

The Tank
The tank is notorious in everyone’s closet. Some of us wear it as gym wear or everyday wear. An easy way to take the tank to the next level is to layer it over a long sleeve fitted cotton shirt. It gives the tank an artsy twist. Pair it with a pencil or mini skirt and that tank will be so happy to not be going to the gym. Put your hair in a pony tail with some soft curls, and you’ll be able to wear whatever shoes you choose.

The key to great style is actually not having one. Think about it. The fashion world tends to do some things that are strange at first, and then we all ride the trend train. Also, remember less is more! Don’t load up on jewelry and think you look great. You may look like a Christmas tree instead. If you go for large earrings, pass on the necklace that day. And visa versa. An outfit should revolve around one main piece and evolve from there. And as for clothing: You should wear them, they shouldn’t wear you.