What do Your Clothes Say about You?

What do Your Clothes Say about You?

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You are unique, beautiful and there’s no one like you in the world! How do your clothes express your inimitable personality? Style is a direct reflection of one’s characteristics and clothes are fun way to tell the world who you are and what you want to say about yourself. Locally owned boutiques are a great way to seek out a unique personalized wardrobe and small additions to a trendy look can transform it further into your own creation. Add some personal spice to the mix. Fads may come and go, but the real you will always be in style!

Local boutiques are a great source to dress your personal best, because they tend to offer one-of-a-kind pieces geared toward a specific clientele. To find out more, we asked a few boutique owners to describe the type of person they envision shopping in their store. Whether you prefer relaxing urban street wear to reflect your creative, laid back individuality or seek out high fashion pieces to show your sophisticated side, there is something to suit every personality right here in Cincinnati.

0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gif The Wardrobe woman is fun and sophisticated. “She has a chic style that is casual but always put together. She cares about high fashion and keeping up with what is current. She loves to wear statement pieces, whether that’s a beautifully printed dress or top or an amazing handbag or necklace, and she loves to always finish her look with a great pair of shoes. Everything in the store is one of a kind, so she knows that she will be the only one wearing it!” says Lesley Hern, owner.


Unheard Of maintains a unique motto: Street pusher of rare goods. “Our audience is a true seeker of personal style that is a reflection of their lifestyle and passions. Its (the store’s) influence is taken from art and design from the streets, a much less formal and authentic influence than the runways of the traditional fashion world. Influenced by the street art and skate scene, Unheard Of has scoured the globe to find hard to come by brands that include Crooks & Castles, Gourmet, The Hundreds, Kidrobot, True Love False Idols and many more. Unheard Of is currently launching its own line of apparel and footwear 0208GIBBERMAN.gifand quickly building a destination for hard to come by brands in the tri-state area,” says Chad Reynolds, owner. Reynolds is also in the works of launching his newest business adventure, Fanattik, LLC, a clothing line of his own designs with the motto, “Agents of Change.” Keep an eye out for more about the Fanattik launch in Cincy Chic‘s upcoming “Fashion Week” issue in the fall.


Click here to see a Webcast tour of Unheard Of. 


Plum Diore‘s client is edgy and sophisticated. She is interested in art and wants to stand out from the crowd. Her closet is full of one-of-a-kind pieces and very colorful. She is a wife, mother and friend. Shopping at Plum Diore is an experience that is relaxing and inviting for our busy clientele,” says Ivy Pitzer, owner.


Mustard Seed Boutique. “Our typical customer’s personality is carefree and expressive. My customers tend to experiment with many different styles, incorporating vintage in with new contemporary pieces. The popular items at my shop are the 071408FASHION3.jpgunique pieces as well as the vintage items. When coming into the shop, it’s great to visit with an open mind,” says Christie Reinshagen-Wallace, owner.

Mastering your personal style involves creating a look that lends an air of confidence to your day, and gives you the freedom to be you. Once you’ve found your key pieces at one of the Queen City’s many unique boutiques, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add your own personal panache. For instance, a flower in your hair will show your romantic side, or a bright scarf will show the world your upbeat, colorful personality.

Mirror your personality through your look, and be the fairest of them all. Keep in mind to look your best is to feel your best. As Reinshagen-Wallace states, “Fashion is 10 percent clothes, 90 percent confidence!”


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Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: The McAlpin
Model: Nicole Merriweather