Mining Fashion Gems

Mining Fashion Gems

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Where do the fashion conscious turn to find stylish gems for less? Every city has them, every woman wants to love them. The answer? Discount stores and sale racks. These bargain bases are filled with countless deals and bargain-hunting shoppers ready to put up their dukes to get that one of a kind deal. At times, they can make even the most experienced shoppers tense, with their overwhelming mounds of clothing mixed together in a clutter of fashion madness.

I can see it now… Upon entering your local discount store, you look around and see hangers shoved together and intertwined on racks. Suddenly you feel hot and the sweat beads start to form. The only thing you can make out is mountains of different colors and styles mixed together in a plethora of garment hell. You immediately want to run to the expensive boutique around the corner. The one where you find three items to a ten foot rack, hanging nicely, color coded, side by side. Too bad the extra zeros on the price tag will leave you with no money left over for a night on the town.

Don’t feel ashamed, most of us have had the same discount store experience. Avoid letting that mishmash of clothing steer you away from joys of fashion discount heaven. Follow these simple tips to find a that fashion gem hidden far beneath the surface of stained tees and butterfly-collared shirts. You’re a fashionable gal, wearing the latest hip and trendy styles. Why not achieve that star-status style while keeping extra money in your pocketbook?

Diamond in the Rough

You'll be searching the mine; be prepared so you don't get overwhelmed. You know what you’re about to face, so get ready to spend time doing a little digging. If you’re in a hurry, discount shopping may not be the right choice. Discount stores tend to have cluttered racks filled with varied sizes, styles and colors. Deep down in the trenches are those fashion diamonds for half the price. Knowing that is half the battle, so be prepared to spend some time looking for your fashion jewel.

Gems galore. Discount racks tend to have a mix of sizes and colors thrown together, even though they claim to be sorted. Think of colors that make you look and feel your best, and grab them when you spot them. It’s a simple way to sort through those crowded clothing racks and start your bargain shopping experience. The color that brings out your eyes may just be the right style and size!

Stolen jewels. Have you ever put something back, only to find it taken when you return? This shopping dilemma occurs all too often in discount stores. If there is a slight chance it may work, hold onto it and try it on. Chic fashion finds disappear quickly. Don’t let an item go unless you know for sure your wardrobe is better off without it.

A girl's best friend. Bring a fashion-forward friend or family member that is familiar with your wardrobe desires. Your style savvy cohorts will help cover more ground in less time, a one up on the other bargain shoppers. You’ll also get that second opinion you may need to make pertinent fashion choices. Two sets of terrifically trendy eyes are always better than one!

Fashion Forecast

Find the facts, fashionista. Ask a knowledgeable store manager when new shipments come in, and plan accordingly. Deliveries are usually the same time and day each week. With this information, you’ll have a fashionable finger on the pulse of your favorite discount store. There will be more to choose from and you’ll find the fashion gems first!

The lay of the land. Frequent the same discount and thrift stores when bargain shopping. You’ll know the store layout like the back of your fabulous hand. This cuts down on time, getting you the first-class fashion finds first. Soon, you’ll be crowed the queen of the fashion mine, while others are left digging for imaginary gems.

Do your homework. Browse through updated fashion magazines for the latest style craze. Then sound off that trend alert by visiting your local thrift or discount stores to emulate the look for less. Take the time to try on selected items, and work them with current trendy accessories you find. You’ll be a stylish fashionista with money left in your pocket for a night on the town!

Fashion emergency. Check all your fashion finds for undue damage before purchasing them. All too often an item may be discounted because of flaws you may not want to live with. Look each item over thoroughly for devilish defects that can hinder your wardrobe ways.

Never feel that overwhelming anxiety when entering a discount store or searching through an intimidating sale rack again. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be a keen shopper that can easily spot than shining fashion gem. You’ll rock that stylish wardrobe and have money left over for your happening social calendar. You’re today’s self-sufficient trendy woman, that knows you can achieve a high class look for less. See you at the sale rack!


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