Having Faith in Fashion

Having Faith in Fashion

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In the dead of winter, the St. Agnes Catholic Church heats things up with a fun and fabulous fashion show.

We all remember Cycle 6 of “America’s Next Top Model” when the contestants performed with flair and high energy at a church fashion show to flaunt their fabulocity for God.

Well, you don’t need to be in New York or LA to have a high-end fashion show at your local church. In fact, St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church in Bond Hill is home to an extraordinary annual fashion show, which has been going strong every February since 1999.

“It’s electrifying,” says Phyllis Kelley, a member on the art and fashion show committee, as well as the church secretary for St. Agnes. “It is a super high energy event and very upscale, which is hard to accomplish, since it is in the high school gym. There are fresh flowers and gorgeously decorated tables placed all around the gym.”

Although the 2008 event has already occurred, the eight member committee in charge of arranging all the 2009 festivities will begin their planning in November to prepare a high-energy and high-class fashion show. What makes this fashion show of 2009 even more exciting is that it will be the 10th annual art and fashion show held at St. Agnes.
“We have about 300 people show up at the fashion show,” says Kelley. “This is a very classy event, so everyone is dressed up wearing high-end clothing and furs.”

 But this fashion show isn’t all fun and games. There are three cash prizes given out at the end of the show. Third place will receive a $150 prize, second at $200 prize and the person coming in first will go home with $250. Not bad for a strut down a Catholic cat walk.

If your forte isn’t modeling and you won’t be working it down the runway, then just sit back and enjoy all the fun fashions provided by local Cincinnati boutiques. Now that’s something that will get any chic woman to throw up her arms and shout “Hallelujah!”


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: The McAlpin
Shauna Grainger