Rev Up Your Workout Wardrobe

Rev Up Your Workout Wardrobe

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In recent years, workout wear has come into its own. Many of the newest trends for fall can be worn in the gym and out to lunch with the girls. So, let’s review what workout wear will make you feel so good that you can’t wait to get to the gym.

For those of you who love to run, products by Nike, New Balance and Triks are your answer. Aside from its always fabulous selection of shoes, Nike carries a great line of running shorts that remind me of the ‘80s, complete with neon colors and side-piping to match, a virtual guarantee you’ll stand out in a crowd. However, the Nike shorts can run a tad short, so if you are at all self-conscious about your legs, Nike isn’t the brand for you.

Another useful workout wear brand is New Balance, which has running shirts, shorts and skirts. This brand is designed for women, rather than teens, so the clothes have the added bonus of running a little bigger, though fashion may be sacrificed somewhat. The best places in the Cincinnati area to find New Balance workout apparel is at Fleet Feet Sports in Kenwood or at one of Bob Roncker’s Running Spot locations. By the way, when choosing workout wear, remember to pick pieces that have moisture wicking, which is a runner’s best bet to prevent leg chafing.

Finally, the running skirt by Triks,, is a great choice for the avid runner. The skirts come in two lengths: marathon for those of you who prefer a shorter skirt, and the gym girl for those who like a little bit longer length. The best part about Triks’ skirt is that it can be worn to the gym or on a run and when the workout is done you can just change your shirt and go out to lunch, the grocery store or the mall and still look fabulous. The skirts also feature moisture wicking compression shorts underneath, which prevents the wearer from get sweaty and prevents a peek-a-boo when doing abs at the gym. There are many skirts on the market, but this one is the best. It is designed by a female triathlete and every detail has been decided on for a women. There is even an MP3 pocket in the shorts and a hole in the side of the skirt to pull the MP3 cord through so that you can rock out while you workout.

Yoga and pilates buffs also have a great selection of clothes for the fall. Lucy at has some awesome new lines that are really just extensions of what is hot in casual clothes. The brown, burnt orange, deep pink and heathered colors are all hot for fall. Camouflage still seems to be a staple in workout wear as well as the army green color. Lucy has a wonderful selection of pants in many colors that come in different lengths. Don’t forget a pant with some amount of spandex so that you can move into that downward dog pose. Also, the shirts for the fall have great prints that you may want to wear beyond the gym or yoga studio.

Finally, the piece of workout wear that every woman should have but few do: a sports bra that actually fits. O.K., I’ll be honest: at one time I was one of those large busted people who literally wore three or four sports bras to squish the girls and prevent any type of bounce. Then I found out about the Moving Comfort Selection of bras found at Fleet Feet and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The bras come in sizes AA to DD and they are wonderful. They have adjustable straps and fit like a regular bra, only comfier. If you shop at Fleet Feet they are trained to fit you for the right sports bra. The employees will also educate you about the importance of sports bras not squashing your girls but lifting and separating them to prevent movement. The cost is a bit high, but if you just wear one sports bra versus three or four you are already saving money and time doing laundry.

One last thought, your workout clothes should fit so well that you feel like a diva every time you go workout, but remember there are some workout clothes that don’t belong in the grocery store, such as bike shorts—save those for you spin classes. Also, velour is better fitted for Monday morning coffee with the girls than for running. Now go out and find your perfect workout wear and give that outfit the workout it, and you, deserve.