Sleep on These Fashion Tips

Sleep on These Fashion Tips

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081307FASHION.jpg  Have you ever been a victim of the dreaded toss and turns? One way to alleviate this problem and improve your nighttime log-sawing is by wearing more comfortable sleepwear. Follow these sleepwear comfort-enhancing tips to make counting sheep a thing of the past.

The Soft Factor
Wearing ratty old t-shirts or scratchy flannels to bed isn't conducive to a good night's sleep, so the first step to more comfortable sleepwear is choosing fabrics that are soft to the touch, such as pajamas made of fleece, jersey or silk. The softer the fabric, the more soothed the wearer will be. What's there not to like about wearing pajamas so soft you feel like you're clothed in feathers?

Through Thick and Thin
Another aspect of sleepwear that can affect the quality of your rest is the weight of the fabric. Depending on your personal preference or climate, the thickness or thinness of a nightgown can make all the difference. As to climate, the answer's obvious: hotter climes wear thinner versions, and vice versa. But preference is up to you. If you're hot blooded, thinner sleepwear is the answer, whether you live directly on the Equator or in the Antarctic. If you do get night sweats, you may want to consider a fabric with wicking properties to prevent skin breakouts.

Closely Fitted
A third thing to think about when choosing comfy sleepwear is fit. Again, this is up to an individual's preference, but for the most part, the roomier fitting options are ideal. Loose-fitting sleepwear allows the wearer to move freely, an important consideration if you tend to move around a lot during the night. However, if tight is your pajama penchant, still make sure your nighttime garments aren't restricting blood flow.

Extras, or Lack Thereof
Before you get all excited about that cute cami set with three-inch heart buttons, think about what you're going to feel like the next morning after sleeping on them for eight hours! In other words, some sleepwear is divine to look at, but may not be the most comfortable sleep option. With all good things, moderation is best. Look for sleepwear that is distinctive in its cut or style, such as a lacy tank paired with gaucho bottoms, rather than a nightgown with huge buttons.