Five Things to Remember Before Heading out in THAT

Five Things to Remember Before Heading out in THAT

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You’re running out the door, dressed to the nines and ready to rock this fashionable world. At least you think so, but your opinion is based solely on the five-second once-over you just gave yourself. Avoid being a fashion disaster or a drabby delima by taking the time for a second look at your ensemble before leaving the house, because ladies, you’re worth it. Ask yourself the following questions before leaving your domain. These five questions will make you the fairest in fashion land, each and every day.

1. You’re a fashion icon this side of the Midwest, but is your outfit appropriate for where you’re going?

Showing off new duds can be fun, but they’re not worth wearing if they aren’t suitable for the event. The pantsuit you’ve been dying to show off is deliciously divine, but not for the neighborhood grill out. Your favorite heels may sink in the sand at the beach party. Are your pretty pumps right for the fête? The cable knit sweater your grandma made is a bit warm for Kings Island this month, wouldn’t you say? Keep in mind a few key elements; where you are going, the occasion and the temperature. These boring basics come together to help you look and act your brilliant best! If you feel your iconic status is being well versed, then you’ll be singing with poise and confidence all night long!

2. You’re the queen of fashion land, but is the crown pulling at your hair?
It’s a necessity to feel comfortable in your clothing of choice. Once you’re out the door, your personality should take center stage. Thoughts of uncomfortable shoes or tight pants take away from your debutant debut. I love shoes as much as the next fashionable female, but wincing in pain with each step is a sure sign they shouldn’t be worn. Believe it or not, there are stylish shoes out there that are cute and comfortable. Don’t let those wretched blisters rule your thoughts, when you should be concentrating on that fine looking soul across the dinner table. Same goes for ghastly garments that stop you from feeling your best. Don’t cram your terrific tush into pants two sizes too small. Breathing is a necessity! Wear items that fabulously flatter you and give you the confidence to take rein and rule the room.

3. You’re a sexy senorita but always exude couture class. Are you expressing the self-image you want to portray?

If your bra strap may show, strap on the strapless. If your breasts are overflowing quicker than Niagra Falls, then maybe you should rethink your gaudy getup. Think of the self-image you wish to portray, and dress accordingly. Until someone gets to know you, a first impression is the key to forming new relationships. How you look and carry yourself is a direct reflection on you. Be ravishingly radiant, and present yourself with the style and class you live by.

4. Double check yourself patterned princess, do you match?

Before running to the car dressed to kill with accessories to match, see if your ensemble does just that: match. Have you paired plaid with stripes? Do all your red accessories match? Taking a few moments for yourself is necessary, especially when trying to piece together an outrageously opulent outfit. Look yourself over. Ask for help, if necessary. It’s great to experiment, but if you’re unsure whether or not you match, chances are you don’t. Change into something you’re sure of, so you can look and feel your best!

5. Fashion overload, did you overdo it?

It is very possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to fashion. I know you like gold jewelry, but wearing earrings, three necklaces, a couple of bracelets and a gigantic ring may be a little much. Simple is better. If necessary, take off a few items before walking out the door. Accent yourself, because you are the main feature.

Taking a second look before you walk out the door may just help you avoid a bad fashion blunder. Guess what? You’re worth it. You deserve to look and feel top notch out there in this dazzling divine world we live in. Tackle that social calendar with confidence knowing you look and feel your fashionable best. Today’s woman has a lot of priorities on her mind. Make yourself one of them!